New Video: Gun Outfit – Legends Of My Own

The new Gun Outfit album Dream All Over (out next month) has been one of our most enjoyable new discoveries. A dusky, canyon-cult blues fueled by melodic dual-guitar weaving and seductive male/female incantations. It’s the nocturnal sound of desert-damaged L.A. burnout, soured American surrealism, white line fever, paint fume flashbacks, a stranger wading out alone into the black surf.

They have shared a new video for their third single, Legends of My Own, directed by the band’s own Carrie Keith (guitar, vocals, slide). He says, “I shot the L.A. scenes on Super 8 under the influence of the black sun. Late fall I was in Washington and went for a ride out to the coast in a friend’s Cadillac, where we shot the color Super 8; some details I took from Melville, like the hat and overcoat against a cold background. The Camaro came back from Wyoming – my brother had suped it up – and my dad was running it around town, so we shot the two cars on a bridge over where the deal goes down.

Watch it here.



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