Mad Mackerel Recommends… The Echo And The Sound

Posted: December 1, 2015 in Alternative, Garage, Indie, Music, Punk, Rock

Twangy psych/garage rock duo The Echo and the Sound recently released a new double EP Buffalo Mouth. After the success of previous single Virginia Law, the duo are announcing the release of their newest single Who Says?

A blistering, balls-to-the-wall romp, the new track kicks off hard and lets up only for a moment at a time. Pounding drums set the pace as dirty, piercing riffs and solos sharpen the edge of the knife that slices through the clutter. Influenced by acts like Flat Duo Jets and The White Stripes, Who Says? is the kind of bare-bones rock & roll that make your parents worry about where you are at two in the morning.


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