Richmond Fontaine – Don’t Skip Out On Me

Posted: January 25, 2016 in Americana, Country, Music, Rock

Richmond Fontaine - Album Artwork JPEG

Richmond Fontaine have announced their forthcoming album, You Can’t Go Back If There’s Nothing To Go Back To will be the band’s final release. It will be released via Decor Records and is their tenth album in all, and their first for five long years.

Songwriter, Willy Vlautin, says of the album “This record was written for all the guys we know who have hit the wall, are about to hit the wall, or are in the middle of slamming into it, It’s a record about paying the price for the way one’s lived. We all wanted to make one more record after The High Country. Our founding member, Dave Harding moving with his family to Denmark stopped us for a long while, but we were dead set on one more. I wrote You Can’t Go Back… to give an end piece for all the characters who inhabited the world of Richmond Fontaine over the years.”

They have shared a second track from it, the excellent Don’t Skip Out On Me. As purveyors of fine, literate country rock there are few who can claim to do it better.

Listen below.


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