Mrs Mackerel’s TFI Friday: 29th January

Mrs Mackerel's TFI Friday 29th January

The midweek cocktail mission passed without incident or vomit. We have evolved into respectable pina colada swigging socialists in more ways than one. But just try saying ‘pina colada’ without ‘getting caught in the rain’. Well if I have to suffer, I don’t see why you shouldn’t too…

Tomorrow, I’m heading to Lahn-don. Travelling alone by train offers so many possibilities, mainly because I have no sense of direction. But still, the thrill of the adventure, disappearing amongst the many, meeting old friends and maybe making some new ones on the way. Yep, I will talk to almost anyone (being a curious sort of mackerel), only to return hours later in the twilight, at our sleepy little station where the silence almost deafens you. Perfect.

I went to see Sea of Bees, aka Julie Ann Baenziger, a few years ago. She was brilliant, utterly mesmerising. It was at a sweet pop-up venue in East Oxford; rather unfortunately, the support act was Trevor and Hannah Lou. As I recall, MM forced me to censor my rather forthright views about the dynamic duo. Tsk.

Anyway, I was going to do a seamless link and post Don’t Follow Me (because well don’t; you’re bound to get lost), but it’s Friday, and this is my favourite, so pour yourself a glass of something medicinal, we’ve all made it to the end of another week.


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