Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde Revisited

Posted: May 27, 2016 in Americana, Country, Folk, Indie, Music, Rock
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As this month’s free CD, Mojo magazine are giving away another one of their excellent cover versions of a classic album – this time Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde is revisited in all its glory.

Mojo DylanAmongst the delights on offer are Steve Gunn taking on Visions of Johanna, Marissa Nadler’s fabulous version of Absolutely Sweet Marie and Night Beats’ tackling Obviously Five Believers. Other artists featured include Ryley Walker, Malcolm Middleton, Jim O’Rourke and Thomas Cohen.

Possibly our favourites though are these two – firstly long standing MM faves Phosphorescent covering I Want You and Kevin Morby’s wonderful version of Temporary Like Achilles.

Listen to both below. Mojo magazine is out now as they say and there is also a limited edition vinyl version to purchase too should you wish – order here.



  1. Joey Books says:

    Kevin Morby’s “Temporary Like Achilles” is among the poorest Dylan covers I’ve heard. There is no soul in his voice, as if he was performing under duress. No interesting inflection of any kind. A tremendously flat performance by my account. I’ve seen Morby perform in the past. This is not up to his talent and is a disappointment to Dylan aficionados.

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