New Album From The Warlocks

I still remember the first time I heard The Warlocks. The Dope Feels Good blasting out in Tower Records in San Diego sometime in early 2003. I bought the album, Phoenix immediately.

The band  produce a relentless, hypnotic wall of sound that suggests a collision between classic psychedelia, Krautrock and Velvet Underground style rock and roll.

Now into their seventeenth year, the new album from these psych-rock mainstays, Songs From The Pale Eclipse, will be released September 2nd on Cleopatra Records. For it they have dug deep into the demo vault for the most promising, undiscovered musical treasures, which the band then reworked and re-recorded.

The first single from the album Lonesome Bulldog, features front man Bobby Hecksher’s solemn, yet seductive, raspy voice paired perfectly with melodic guitars that chime and swirl and sharp, tight drums.

Listen/watch it below and check out latest single Only You as well.



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