Communist Daughter – Balboa Bridge

Posted: October 6, 2016 in Americana, Folk, Indie, Music, Rock

Here is another track from Communist Daughter’s upcoming long player The Cracks That Built the Wall which is out October 21.

Balboa Bridge is a beautiful, gently rolling folk song, but one which covers some difficult and troubling topics – primarily the struggles with mental health and the loneliness and isolation that can come with it.

Frontman John Solomon told Stereogum, “There’s this gorgeous park in the middle of San Diego, and there’s a bridge right in the middle of it that runs over the highway. My mom told me that when she was younger, they used to call that suicide bridge. I remember the times when I was thinking of that option, and how far away that bridge was from me, All I could think about was that it was this place, so far away from that basement in Wisconsin where I was getting high, it was this magical place in my mind where I wouldn’t feel the way I did anymore.

Have a listen.


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