New From Dr. Dog

Posted: January 15, 2018 in Americana, Indie, Music, Psychedelic, Rock

Dr. Dog have shared a new track Listening In, which appeared in our Soundcloud feed this afternoon.

All we’ve been able to establish thus far is that it comes from their Critical Equation album, which will be available on the 27th April.

We also know it is another fine example of their psych infused Americana, carried along on metronomic percussion and a typically plaintive and questioning vocal.

Take our word for it… well worth a listen below.


  1. I love pretty much everything about this song. I’ve always loved Dr. Dog and I enjoyed the tempo shift in this song. Vocals and the giving of space in the song resonate with me gravitating to it. Epic track! I look forward to 4/27 (1) So that I can purchase the entire album and (2) The Big Gun Show is releasing a single that day. I’ll send you the track once we get it mastered to see if you like it.

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