The Prefab Messiahs – Psychsploitation Today

Originally together from 1981-1983, self-proclaimed micro-legendary weirdoz The Prefab Messiahs followed a unique post-punk musical trajectory through the burgeoning-yet-insular Wormtown (Worcester, MA) underground. Aside from the 1983 cassette Flex Your Mind, though, no recorded material was available from them until 1998’s Devolver CD-R – an anthology of their recordings from the early ’80s.

Fast-forward three decades later to the official remastered release of Devolver via Burger Records, followed by a well-received eight-song maxi-EP of new material entitled Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive (2015) – the reviews traced the lineage from the Prefab Messiahs to many of today’s garage-psych scuzz-pups, such as Oh Sees, King Tuff, White Fence, Ty Segall, et al.

Now the band are set to release their latest full-length platter of new material, Psychsploitation Today. On it, the fuzzed-out foursome have cooked-up, arguably, their most far-out and fantastical effort to date. The new record continues the path of melding timely social commentary with equal measures of jangle, left-field garage-pop and hooks aplenty.

Listen to the title track, and watch the excellent video for the undeniably catchy Outtayerhands below.



2 thoughts on “The Prefab Messiahs – Psychsploitation Today

  1. OK, so I have two heroes in life and they are both British. The first is Keith Richards who I love for his rock n roll attitude and prowess. Second is James Bond. The last thing we are finalizing on our new effort is a song called 00 Stud and it is 100% about 007. We are going to do a video for it. Guess I’ll have to make sure The Prefab Messiahs get to see it!

    I loved the riffs in this song. They’re sloppy and hooky. Very Keith Richards. The other hook I love is the consistent “HEY!” throughout the song.

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