Mad Mackerel Recommends… Zoe Boekbinder & Dustin Hamman

Among Horses is a wonderful collaborative project from the Son Canciones label.

They put two musicians who do not know each other in a horse farm in the middle of nowhere in the north of Spain (the label is based in Barcelona), and they get one week to get to know each other, become pals, write six songs and record them, surrounded only by pine woods and 60 old horses.

The first Among Horses was released last year, a collaboration between Withered Hand & a Singer of Songs. The second features singer-songwriters Zoe Boekbinder (New Orleans) and Dustin Hamman (Portland), along with a bunch of instruments.  The fabulous result is Among Horses II, recorded using solar power – six songs of staggering beauty. About old horses. About death and hope and love. About relaxing your fist to hold the other person’s hand.

Listen to opening track Sixty Horses, and purchase via Bandcamp here.

I want sixty Spanish horses to carry me home
My heart is settled but still I roam
I found paradise but I don’t wanna stay
I want sixty Spanish horses to carry me away


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