Introducing >>> The Fernweh

Riding the wake of critical praise for their debut release The Liar, The Fernweh release their second single, Is This Man Bothering You? which features guest vocalist, Alessi Laurent-Marke (Alessi’s Ark) on the Skeleton Key label. It is out tomorrow.

Using three looped drum kits, a wall of overdriven 12-string guitars, flute and Mellotrons in a heart-stopping rush of psych-folk-pop, the band’s distinctly English, coal-fired translation of the acid-soaked culture of decades lost shows through with subtly sinister lyrics that draw on terrifying British, cult-horror classics, such as Peeping Tom and the kitchen sink drama of BBC’s Dixon of Dock Green.

It all comes together in the video, made by maverick artist David Chatton Barker (one half of Folklore Tapes) using a found 16mm reel documentary set in Hockley, Birmingham in the 1960s. The reel was physically painted and splattered frame by frame using a rainbow of inks, then scanned-in and re-edited to fit the song.

Watch below.

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