New Album From Micah P. Hinson and the Musicians of the Apocalypse

Long standing MM fave Micah P. Hinson will release a new album with the Musicians of the Apocalypse titled, When I Shoot At You With Arrows, I Will Shoot To Destroy You through Full Time Hobby on 26th October.

There have been several times in Micah P. Hinson’s life where the idea of an Apocalypse has occurred- a death and rebirth- whether that was a severe back injury, a violent road accident, the temporary death of his arms, a love for drugs, a hate of drugs, time spent behind bars or within rooms containing mentally-challenged people, time spent behind closed doors with bizarre characters of all shapes and sizes.

All this and more combine in the new record which was recorded in 24 hours somewhere in East Texas. It iis the follow-up to last year’s excellent Micah P. Hinson Presents the Holy Strangers, and the first track from it is Small Spaces.

Have a listen.


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