Mad Mackerel Recommends… SAVAK

Noisy Brooklyn rock veterans SAVAK (members of Obits, Holy Fuck and The Cops) have announced details of their new album Beg Your Pardon.

It is their third long-player release, and follows a compelling progression from their past offerings (2016’s Best Of Luck In Future Endeavors and 2017’s Cut-Ups). The new album features everything from noisy careeners and ’80s hardcore nods to slightly glammy stompers and straight-up, New Zealand-inspired, guitar-pop songs.

Album opener, Dead Dick is a bristling bayonet, lyrically inspired by the #metoo movement, lancing scumbag patriarchs while humorously dropping a Van Halen reference.

It is seriously good stuff – have a listen and check out the video for We Lead Them To Our Doors at the same time. Order the album here.



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