Phosphorescent Cover Radiohead’s House Of Cards – And We’ve Been Waiting Nearly 10 Years For It

Many, many moons ago (actually back in 2009) when Chris T Popper and I went to Austin for the first time for SxSW, pretty much by happy chance we saw Phosphorescent live for the first time too.

At the end of that year in his top ten round up, Mr Popper wrote “In March I took my first trip to America and the SXSW festival, which widened my musical tastes considerably allowing me to finally accept the pure greatness of country and to some extent folk music. Both of these had been dismissed by my musical snobbery years ago and if it wasn’t for Mr Mackerel knowing one Phosphorescent song (a cover of Johnny Cash I think) meaning us checking out their performance at The Red Eyed Fly, life would have been very different… Beards, smoking and lots of tuning up (in a wonderful venue), followed by an opening song that literally made me freeze – a cover of House of Cards by Radiohead with Matthew Houck delivering a gobsmacking performance. I was hooked. Tunes from their new CD ‘To Willie’ (an album of sublime Willie Nelson covers) skilfully combined with their own stunning ballads left me vowing to grow a beard and buy every Willie Nelson album I could find.”

For years I have been waiting and hoping for Matthew Houck to share that cover more widely. Between me, Mrs Mackerel and Mr Popper, we have subsequently seen Phosphorescent many, many times (most recently Mrs M hopped over to Amsterdam with Middle Sprat to see them there) and they have never repeated that particular cover.

Not once.

Not ever.

Until now.

At long last, recorded for Sirius FM, here it is – a stripped back, spine tingler of a cover song, and you can must watch it below.


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