Lucy Dacus – Forever Half Mast

In honour of Independence Day, Lucy Dacus has released a new single titled Forever Half Mast.

It follows her Valentine’s Day-inspired La Vie En Rose cover and her ode to Mother’s Day and Taurus Season, an original song titled My Mother & I. Her ongoing 2019 singles series will also include tracks tied to Springsteen’s Birthday, Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s, with a physical EP coming in the fall.

In her latest single, the twang of a steel guitar compliments gentle strumming and lends a distinctly ‘American’ sound to the song — yet the lyrics convey an attitude towards her home country that is decidedly more ambivalent. She drew inspiration for the song from her experiences touring over here in Europe, where she was starkly confronted by the complexities of her American identity, and by what it means to be a proud American in these trying times.

Give it a spin.


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