The Warlocks – The Chain

LA’s ultra reliable psych-warriors The Warlocks have released a new album, The Chain which, over the course of ten densely layered guitar tracks spiced with keyboards and reinforced with powerful bass and percussion grooves, tells the story of two star-crossed lovers who commit a bank heist together. The band’s Bobby Hecksher describes it as “based around “a Bonnie & Clyde-ish twenty-something couple who rob a bank but get caught and then are cast down the bottomless pit of our justice system. The main characters, Rocky and Diamond, come from different means and thus have very different outcomes. It’s a loose collection of ‘you got fucked and swept under the rug’-type feelings revealed amid happy songs about their relationship, provided as a kind of relief.

The latest taste comes in the shape of I’m Not Good Enough / Party Like We Used To, a typically powerful, dreamlike swirl into a fever-soaked haze of climactic reverb.

Out now – you can order from Bandcamp here.


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