Introducing >>> The Cool Greenhouse

We’ve become quite taken with the Cool Greenhouse’s new single Life Advice, the second from their forthcoming self-titled debut.

It is skewed indie pop of the best kind – a lyrical jab at the kind of pithy, cure-all aphorisms that you find in your useless self-help books or scribble into the margins of your boring diary, and with which the kids seem to have developed an unhealthy infatuation these days. In it, you receive a number of such wisdoms from strange sources (a knitted bat, a poncho’d hippie, a chain-smoking gran), attempt to put them into action and inevitably come unstuck.

Finally she’s walking along the side of a mausoleum
Gets her foot trapped in one of those grates with the big gaps in
Droves of tourists in flip flops just walk straight by
And the community service officer just stares her right in the eyes
A feral dog sprays all over her new handbag
The sun goes down, she misses her school run,
And then some old lady comes along, (and pointing her fag),
And almost in song, she says:
“Don’t look down on anyone”

Check it out below, together with the (perhaps even better) first single, The Sticks, which is a schizoid paranoid epic built on the back of a brilliantly insistent, naggingly infectious guitar riff and contains much useful wisdom on the dodgy intentions of child entertainers, piano playing cats and surveillance wires disguised as spaghetti. Fabulous!

Order the album via Bandcamp here.




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