Something For The Weekend…

Lockdown has given us an opportunity to get a little more up to date with our posts and to catch up, a little, with some of the many, many tunes that come our way.

Given it is Friday and a Bank Holiday here in the UK, we’ve rounded up a few tunes that we would have liked to have given a bit more time and space too, but just haven’t managed to squeeze them in.

Meadow Meadow, are releasing their first single, Bonzo, via Practise Music. The track’s folky ambience recalls late-night, campfire sing-alongs with its soaring melodies buoyed along by the delicately-driven pace.


Lucern Raze will release a new album, International Breakdown on the 20th May. Taking a dramatic turn from the garage-pop of his Stolkholm One album (2015) the new record jumps between 90s big beat, lo-fi hip hop and psychedelic punk. This is the hectic Trädgården, which also features another MM fave, ShitKid.


Secretly Canadian’s latest signing is Le Ren, the project of Lauren Spear, a Montreal-based folk artist. This utterly gorgeous track, Love Can’t Be The Only Reason to Stay is a compelling waltz with quiet guitar and devastating vocals.


In a similar vein, Squirrel Flower – moniker of Ella O’Connor Williams – has a new single, Take It Or Leave It, which is a lovely, emotive and melancholy track, on which she plays her grandmother’s accordion and grandfather’s nylon string guitar.


Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever shared Falling Thunder, the latest taster from upcoming long player Sideways To New Italy. It is a swirling, mesmeric rock song that bodes well for the album.


Lastly, the finely named Australian band Aborted Tortoise have a song called Violent Consumers, which is exactly the fast, nasty punk you need to get your weekend started.


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