New Video: Torres: Too Big For The Glory Hole

In her new video for the cryptically titled Too Big for the Glory Hole, Mackenzie Scott of TORRES captures domestic solitude in her now-iconic cowboy boots.

The song, partially influenced by Florine Stettheimer’s painting The Cathedrals of Wall Street, was recorded during the Silver Tongue sessions and featured on a free 7-inch included with the album’s Peak Vinyl edition. She says of the track, “I wrote it before I moved in with my girlfriend. I was living alone in the East Village before and having a hard time of it. This song is what came of the loneliness. As far as the video, my girlfriend Jenna made the whole thing on her iPhone in quarantine. Filmed it, directed it, edited it, and she even double-processed my hair for it. She can do anything.”

The sparse keys and solemn delivery of lines such as “Must be that God can take a joke / To make the one I like best the one I fear most” push the song into near-hymn territory.

Watch it here.



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