ICYMI: Lightning Dust – Material Life EP

We missed posting about the new Material Life EP from Lightning Dust a couple of months ago. Mentioning Amber Webber in our earlier post today reminded us and we thought better late than never!

The two tracks made a sprightly summer foil to the autumnal darkness of last year’s wonderful LP Spectre. Going for a live-from-the-garage feel, the duo of Amber and Joshua Wells  invited their touring buds along for this jam: joining them here are longtime collaborator Matthew Skillings and new live bandmate Rob Butterfield.

Amber Webber says of the title song, “It came up after a summer of shroom doom and confusion; addressing the moments in life when you’ve lost the plot, have no clue which direction is up, or how you got to where you landed. I wanted to write a song that’d be fun to play at festivals and easy to mess around with and change up live. Something the wild hearts could boogie to.

The second track Busted Minds came up at the last minute. Amber explains: “This is a break up song – right after a long cry when you wake the hell up and realize ‘fuck this, I don’t need this shit, I’m outta here. Then start strumming a guitar and write a song.”

So in case you missed it. Listen below. Click through to purchase.

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