Brodka & Scottibrains – Wrong Party

Speedy Wunderground have made more than a name for themselves releasing a series of brilliant one-off 7″/digital singles. And after their longest ever COVID enforced break they are back with a bang  with the 35th single ready to be unleashed.

In their strong tradition of new/unlikely collaborations the new single Wrong Party is a collaboration between acclaimed Polish superstar Brodka and in-house Speedy band Scottibrains (made up of label boss Dan Carey, Boxed In’s Oli Bayston and drummer Liam Hutton).

The result is classic Speedy – with the sound harking back to the earliest/first in the label’s releases. It’s punk and pop and catchy as hell. Like Toy meets Blondie but with that signature Scottibrains motorik beat underpinning everything until it erupts into a moment of ecstasy/chaos as the song progresses.

Anyway, forget the waffle. Just listen to it.


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