Jimmyjack Toth – Toth’s Law Volume 4

Though it pains me to say it, I was unaware that longstanding MM favourite Wooden Wand had permanently given up the moniker and is now simply Jimmyjack Toth. Even more so when I realised that he had just released a fourth volume of Toth’s Law – after a gap of just over three years.

The digital liner notes (if such a thing can exist) on his Bandcamp page says “these demos are exclusively culled from the very recent past; everything here was recorded within the last 4 years and remain ‘in play’ to be re-recorded properly at some point“.

For any one who has read MM for more than just the recent past will know just how much we love the music of this man. Winter in Kentucky remains Mrs M’s favourite song ever, and there are tracks too numerous to mention that litter our own playlists of the last few years.

Songs from this record will join them… none more so than the wonderful album opener Dilated Eyes.

Listen below. Click through and buy – you will never regret it.


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