Death Valley Girls – Under the Spell Of Joy

LA’s Death Valley Girls have always sought to wield their musical magic like ancient mystics, creating psychic bonds with willing ears through the medium of their fiery rock n’ roll. On the surface, previous albums like Glow in the Dark and Darkness Rains were rowdy mash-ups of early American punk, sun-baked psych rock, and proto-metal fire-and-brimstone guitar worship, yet there was always an undercurrent of … Continue reading Death Valley Girls – Under the Spell Of Joy

Fuzz Return

Ty Segall’s band Fuzz are returning with a song called, appropriately enough, Returning. The trio will release their first new record in five years, titled III it will be out on the 23rd October via In The Red. Returning bodes well for the album, it is a full-on rip-snorter of primal garage-psych that benefits from a live sound eschewing any overdubs or effects. Listen here.     … Continue reading Fuzz Return

Bee Bee Sea Share Gonna Get Me

Top notch Italian garage-psych trio Bee Bee Sea have released their new single Gonna Get Me. The track is included on their upcoming new album Day Ripper, which is out on 9th October via Wild Honey Records. In Gonna Get Me, one of the poppiest moments on the record, the band combine their trademark upbeat, frenzied tempo with a variety of summery melodies. It is … Continue reading Bee Bee Sea Share Gonna Get Me

All Them Witches – The Children of Coyote Woman

Time for some heavy, heavy psych – channeling their inner Sabbath, Zeppelin and Pink Floyd – All Them Witches deliver a masterpiece of throwback 70s riffola on The Children of Coyote Woman. It is the latest track shared from upcoming long player Nothing as the Ideal, and is a guaranteed headphone trip. Illegal substances optional as always. Enjoy. Continue reading All Them Witches – The Children of Coyote Woman

Immigrant Union – Judas

We first posted about Melbourne’s Immigrant Union back in 2013 or so, and to be honest they had kind of slipped off our radar somewhat. By happy chance, we came across new album Judas and very quickly got ourselves reacquainted with their heady brew of country-psych, garage rock and power pop. It is an excellent album. I mean a properly excellent album, full of twangy … Continue reading Immigrant Union – Judas

L.A. Witch – I Wanna Lose

L.A. Witch are back with details of a new album Play With Fire, which is out on the 21st August on Suicide Squeeze Records. First taste is with the lyric video for the amped up riffs and slashing fuzz lines of I Wanna Lose which the trio describe as “being about feeling free and feeling stronger because you’ve lost everything and now you’ve got everything to win. … Continue reading L.A. Witch – I Wanna Lose

More From Venus Furs

Following the excellent seven minute plus epic of garage-psych glory that was Page Before, here’s another from Venus Furs, the moniker of Montreal’s Paul Kasner. Beginning with a heavy guitar riff Paranoia carries a tenacity that matches the song’s theme. A powerful exploration of mental illness examining the isolation and pain brought on from depression and anxiety. Catch the video below. The self-titled LP will … Continue reading More From Venus Furs

New Video: LEECHES – All Of The People

Formed in a summer haze back in 2016, pysch-trio LEECHES meld infectious garage rock with pop hooks and fuzzy alt-rock. Watch the video for meandering hypnotiser All Of The People, the track crawls along on a tightly wound groove, its light guitars and dual vocals drifting in and out of focus as the bass drags the track along. With a wave of fuzz and splashing drums exploding … Continue reading New Video: LEECHES – All Of The People