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Bloodshot Records have rapidly become one of our favourite labels – particularly with the recent releases of Ha Ha Tonka and Maggie Bjorklund, both of which we have posted about recently.

Especially for Record Store Day (tomorrow), they have announced the release of No One Got Hurt: Bloodshot Records’ 15th Anniversary Live @ The Hideout, a compilation that commemorates Bloodshot Records’ legendary concert live from one of their favorite local Chicago venues.

It includes 19 tracks and features Bobby Bare Jr, Scott H Biram, Alejandro Escovedo, Waco Brothers, and many others.

For more information just click here.

Download Alejandro Escovedo – Castanets mp3 (from No One Got Hurt: Bloodshot Records’ 15th Anniversary Live @ The Hideout )

Here is our usual end of the month round up of the very best tracks posted on Mad Mackerel, with a couple of new ones too. A perfect mixtape for May.

Wilderness of Manitoba – Hermit mp3

Intimate and gorgeous, with haunting guitar lines and beautiful harmonies.

Buffalo Moon – Beach Boy mp3

Summery pop, beach references, breezy beats and sweet lounge vocals.

Sun Kil Moon – Australian Winter mp3

Sparse, bleak and mesmerising.

Lille – Tall Shoulders mp3

Elegant and aching acoustic folk

Mountain Man – Soft Skin mp3

Ghostly, Appalachian folk with an old-timey feel

Boy & Bear – Mexican Mavis mp3

A glorious cacophony of joyous harmonies and devil-may-care attitude, like the Fleet Foxes on speed

Wooden Wand – The Fly mp3

MM fave delivers downbeat standout from limited edition new CD-R about buzzards, annoying flies, and baseball diamonds.

The Diamond Center – WTT mp3

Psychedelic folk-rockers who pair a wall of reverb and noise with an eerie gothic country creeper

Howling Owls – My World mp3

Ominous, forbidding, baleful, another standout track from our favourite discoveries of 2010 so far

Futurebirds – Johnnny Utah mp3

Off-kilter, psychedelic and slightly ramshackle country rock

Wild Nothing – Chinatown mp3

From Cure-like synths to the catchy ultra-hip rhythms of The Drums. Blissed out pop and classic indie melody

Delta Spirit – Bushwick Blues mp3

An anthemic stomper that brilliantly showcases their country rock roots and ear for a tasty lyric

Alejandro Escovedo – Street Songs mp3

Snake-hipped swagger and groove

The Streets On Fire – No Ones Fucking To The Radio mp3

Dirty riffs, pounding drums and howling vocals – furious and raw raggedy-assed rock and roll

Hearts And Daggers – Convict Blues mp3

Drips dust, sweat, blood and whiskey in equal measure

Wooden Shjips – Drunk Girls mp3

LCD Soundsystem given a truly cosmic makeover by the Californian stoners

The War Crimes – Stillness Beckons mp3

Wilfully down-tempo, unnerving, chamber pop

Felt Letters – 600,000 Bands mp3

Fall-like diatribe propelled by electro-Kraut repetition.

Le Sang Song – Gingerella mp3

Oppressive and skittery – underpinned by a hypnotic groove and a frugal, tense guitar line that determinedly burrows its way into your head.

And a couple of new ones for you to finish off:

Pontiak – Young mp3 (from Living)

Spare stripped back stoner groove and one mighty, mighty riff!

Julian Lynch – Just Enough mp3 (from Mare)

Psych pop with breezy sixties feel and sunshine instrumentation

There – don’t ever say we’re not good to you!

Texan singer-songwriter Alejandro Escovedo releases his tenth solo album Street Songs Of Love in June via the Concord Music Group.

Mostly written in collaboration with ex Green On Red man Chuck Prophet, the album has garnered fine advance reviews and we’re looking forward to getting our hands on a copy as soon as we can.

‘Til then, like us, you’ll just have to make do with the snake-hipped swagger and groove of superb advance taster Street Songs. It is a track most would strive for a career to produce and yet Escovedo makes it seem effortless, as though the song has been around forever.

Pre-order from here. Get his back catalogue from Amazon here.

Download Alejandro Escovedo – Street Songs mp3 (from Street Songs Of Love)