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Here are a few of the better/more interesting videos that have found our way into the in-box recently.

First up are The Whigs, a band we’ve posted about a few times. This is the band keeping it simple in their self-directed video for So Lonely from current album In The Dark.

Rodeo Massacre are a Swedish/French band in thrall to the sixties garage scene and playing their own twisted take on psychedelic blues. This is the slightly off-kilter puppeteering video for exhilarating new single Mama Told Me So (which precedes debut album If You Can’t Smoke ‘Em, Sell ‘Em). The singleĀ is out next week on Smoky Carrot Records.

This, from The Suckers, for their track It Gets Your Body Moving from their Wild Smile album hovers on the fence between compelling and disturbing – although we’ve still to decide which side we’re on.

And lastly we have a non-threatening portrait of teen delinquency and rebellion for the hazy, soft-focus shoegazing song 105, the new single by Banjo Or Freakout from his debut album due in early 2011.