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Top notch videos to round off, and round up, the working week from Beach Fossils (trippy lo-fi), Such Hounds (ramshackle, punky Americana), Dark Bells (ethereal psychedelia), and The Head And The Heart (indie folk).





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My first trip back to Austin since 2009, and compared with then the town is hectic even before any music is officially due to start. Streets are teeming with folk whereas previously four years ago, the day before the event, Chris T Popper and I had strolled around empty streets and then casually into the marvellous Waterloo Records and bought wristbands for the coming evenings showcase events. We had no idea then just how useful that was going to be.

This year, pre-armed with wristband knowledge, I went to Waterloo Records on Sunday only to be told that they were pretty sure they weren’t getting any at all to sell this year. Judging by the folk that were around even then, a wristband (and entry into the evening showcases) seemed a forlorn hope.

But hope springs eternal and this morning, by judicious following of the official SXSW news updates, I discovered a very limited number of wristbands would be on sale from selected music venues today. Only it didn’t say which ones.

I e-mailed the SXSW e-mail address and eventually got a reply telling me to look in the Austin Chronicle. I went online and finally found a list of 8 venues selling wristbands and armed with this knowledge grabbed my stuff and caught the bus into town.

I rushed to the first and closest venue. Shut. The second. Shut. Third, a helpful man said they wouldn’t be selling wristbands until 7.30pm. The fourth. Shut. The fifth just had a sign saying We aren’t selling wristbands yet – I asked, they shrugged and said come back this evening. The sixth told me to come back at 6pm.

At this point, I stopped to take stock.

A car went by dressed as a rabbit. A giant mobile phone, clearly unable to see, careered into people. A magician with green hair scammed happy passers-by. Cops watched on. The sun beat down. A man wearing a werewolf’s head played the fiddle. Someone was sick. Another man dressed only in cardboard sheets marched by with a placard “Be like me. Crazy”.

I needed to get out of the sun (suncream left in haste at the hotel) and seemingly having no chance of a wristband until the evening, I headed for The Mohawk and a day party that looked promising on paper. On came the Beach Fossils looking the epitome of New York cool in skinny black jeans and t-shirts and proceeded to delight a packed crowd with a set of upbeat, indie rock anchored on chiming guitars and short, uncomplicated songs.

As they departed I decided to use the bathroom and was joined at the urinals by the large imposing figure of grunge legend and forefather of the no-wave movement, none other than guitar maestro Thurston Moore who was up next with his new band Chelsea Light Moving. Somewhat disconcerted by being confronted with the erstwhile leader of Sonic Youth with not so much as pants down as flies open, I managed a garbled greeting to which he amiably replied “enjoy the show man”. And enjoy it I did, a blistering set of guitar histrionics and punk rock that made me determined to investigate much more thoroughly their recently released album. Highlights included Sleeping When I Fall, a brutal Groovy & Linda, the Roky Erickson tribute Empires of Time, a more brutal Lips and closing new songs Sunday Stage and the most brutal of all, No Go.

A difficult act to follow and so it proved for Barcelona’s Delorean, who strived to please with their blend of danceable, indie rock, but it was a bit like watching a shower after a tsunami and it took the good ole boy southern blues rock of Natural Child to properly raise the tempo again. Looking like a cross between Status Quo and ZZ Top, they joyfully retuned the Mohawk to its Texas roots with a set of choogling boogie and good natured bonhomie.

Party over, I headed for the appropriately named sports bar, Buffalo Billiards where wristbands were apparently going on sale from 7pm. I joined a small, but growing queue headed by a Joe Strummer lookalike in a Clash City Rockers leather jacket, an excitable midget from New York, a honeymooning couple arguing over a Bratwurst, and an wizened old tattooed Texan and Austin resident who had inexplicably missed the sale of wristbands to locals. Behind me the queue grew exponentially as the dwarf from Brooklyn regaled us all with tales of previous SXSW’s, mainly about endless taxi woes, and finishing every sentence with “you gotta be a ninja about it”. He then exposed the Strummer lookalike as a phony as, when asked, he was unable to confirm whether Clash City Rockers was a song or an album. Twat.

After an hour or so a SXSW volunteer arrived to announce she had 30 wristbands only that were going to be available as cash purchases. I headed for the ATM with the honeymooning husband (who had driven down from Montreal via Memphis and New Orleans) as he confessed, “if you were a judge I’d get you to divorce us” and  withdrew the necessary funds. Against all odds I had the precious wristband.

Just time then to return to the Mohawk and the Pitchfork party, smugly jump the enormous queue of non-wristband folk wanting to get in, and catch a set from new faves of Mrs Mackerel, Night Beds. The indoor stage is jam-packed, testament to the buzz they have created as the latest of the “folksinger in a cabin” stories, but unlike Bon Iver these are more robust songs, ornate and orchestral, they powerfully rise and swell to fill the room and the band clearly look set for bigger things. Finally it is Torres and a set of quiet/loud indie rock illuminated by her intense vocals and cracked washes of distorted guitar, amongst which Honey is an absolute stand out. Although there is more than enough in the rest of their material to suggest they may be more than just a temporary flavour of the month.

I leave. Hail a taxi, the first I see. It stops. You’ve got to be a ninja about it.

Offically, SXSW hasn’t started yet. Unofficially it is off to a stormer.

Download Torres – Mother Earth, Father God mp3 (from Torres)

Download Natural Child – Hard Workin Man mp3 (from 1971)

Download Natural Child – B$g P$mp$n mp3 (from The Muse American Songwriter September Sampler)

Download Delorean – Real Love mp3 (from Subiza)

New Insound MixtapeInsound’s latest free mixtape is up and available for the next week or so.

This time it features tracks from Amor de Dias, Beach Fossils, Campfires, Free Energy, Gospels, Leapling, Mock & Toof, The Pharmacy, The Ruby Suns, Toro y Moi, Vatican Shadow, and Widowspeak! 

Just go here to grab it for nowt, or check a couple of our favourites from it first.

Download Campfire – Fortune Teller mp3 (from January 2013 Mixtape – Insound)

Download Beach Fossils – Careless mp3 (from January 2013 Mixtape – Insound)

Mad Mackerel's Best Of December 2012 Free Mix

As might be expected, slightly fewer tunes make up our final monthly mix of the best of the downloads from MM – no panic tho’, the quality of new tunes on offer more than makes up for it. And as always, some new ones for you too means a top banana mix of twenty cracking songs to play in the New Year.

The Cheatahs – The Swan
A swirling, smoking riff and a rough ‘n’ ready feel is mixed with 90s slacker indie influences and a bit of shoegaze – all to more than good effect.


Beach Fossils – Careless
All sinewy jangle bouncing along on the back of hurtling, punk-ish drums.


Criminal Hygiene – Rearrange Me
Skater-punk’s bitter ode to unhealthy relationships, full of rough and raspy vocals met with a charging bassline.


Download Grave Babies – Over And Under Ground mp3 (from Crusher)
Catchy, but nevertheless slathered in their signature overdoses of distortion.

Split Screens – Deep Down
Pink Floyd style subtle psychedelia and Beck style emotion.


Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo – Christmas Time Is Here
Sweetly harmonious festive version of a Christmas classic, also featuring Kristina Train, Rumer and Ren Harvieu.


Download Fires – Untied mp3 (from Angels In The Dark EP)
Imagine the scuzz-rock blitzkrieg of Butthole Surfers, combined with the melody and songcraft of Urge Overkill.

Blackfeet Braves – Vicious Cycle
60s era psychedelia bathed in twangy reverb and infectious melody, resulting in lo-fi psych pop fitting for the most epic trip.


Download Los Campesinos! – A Doe To A Deer mp3 (From A Doe To A Deer)
Indie popsters’ festive offering complete with alcoholic undertones.

Download Balto – Smokestacks mp3 (from Monuments EP)
Voices sail out in harmony over a dusty, spaghetti western guitar twang and heartfelt emotions are laid bare at your doorstep – tangled, delicate and rich.

James Yuill – Lost In California
New offering from folktronica master from as yet untitled new album.


Download Tom Williams – Christmas (So Much Better When You’re Here) mp3 (from For Folk’s Sake It’s Christmas)
Another festive goody.

Jack Hardman – Plymouth
An ethereal and wintery song, filled with warm harmonies and covered in spring reverb – folk music with a psychedelic tint.


American Royalty – Honey & Queen
Delivers a warm groove with a touch of Yeasayer / Little Dragon about it.


Hero Jr. – Ann Boleyn
Indy-based foursome combine soaring vocals, stinging guitars and driving rhythms blurring the lines between ’70s classic rock, the angst of the Alternative Nation and modern indie-rock.


And to finish off we have another raucous track from Criminal Hygiene. Next up is a new track from unique, otherworldly singger-songwriter Ólöf ArnaldsTreat Her Kindly is taken from the forthcoming album Sudden Elevation (out on One Little Indian US release 5th March, UK 4th February). We have Giant Giant Sand’s sage words and loungey rat-pack vibe on Not the End of the World with this track taken from the deluxe version of their excellent album Tucson. Then there is the Kinksian pop melancholy and Television Personalities wry punk disaffectedness of Campfires lo-fi weirdo musings – try the primitive pop of Fortune Teller from forthcoming album Tomorrow Tomorrow (just click through to download for free).

And lastly, hailing from Brooklyn, NY, Hawk and Dove is an indie rock band whose calm-before-the-storm sound has been described as the “loudest quiet band you have ever heard” and “the psychedelic country David Bowie never wrote.” On their forthcoming debut album, This Yesterday Will Never End, the band mixes hauntingly beautiful ballads with thunderous stoner grooves to create a sound quite unlike anything else. Download Things We Lost So Far.


New From Beach Fossils

Posted: December 5, 2012 in Alternative, Garage, Indie, Music, Punk, Rock

New From Beach Fossils

Clash The Truth is the title of the Beach Fossil’s forthcoming long player, due on Captured Tracks in February.

The much anticipated first taste comes with Careless – all sinewy jangle bouncing along on the back of hurtling, punk-ish drums.

Download below. Pre-order the from Insound here.

Sunday Means Eight of the Best!Time for another swift round-up of some of the best tunes into our in-box and from around our favourite music blogs.

A little while ago we posted the video for Shrouded Strangers excellent track Featherbed, and now we have the mp3 for you as well. We also have the full-on power pop of Fort Lean and their new single Sunsick, some Swedish punk from new Captured Tracks signings Hologram, and some swaggering lo-fi underground psych from White Fence.

We have some lovely, woodsy folk from Portland duo Greylag and both sides of indie faves Beach Fossil’s new single, some searing, fuzzy garage rock from Outer Minds and lastly, in a similar vein some fizzing surf-pop from French Kissing and the title track from their new single.

Download Shrouded Strangers – Featherbed mp3 (from Lost Forever)

Download Fort Lean – Sunsick mp3 (from Sunsick 7″)

Download Hologram – ABC City mp3 (from ABC City 7″)

Download White Fence – Swagger Vets And Double Moon mp3 (from Family Perfume Vol 1)

Download Greylag – Black Crow mp3 (from The Only Way To Kill You EP)

Download Beach Fossils – Shallow mp3 (from Shallow/Lessons 7″)

Download Beach Fossils – Lessons mp3 (from Shallow/Lessons 7″)

Download Outer Minds – Gimmie A Reason mp3 (from Outer Minds 7″)

Download French Kissing – I Would Let You Know mp3 (from I Would Let You Know EP)

New from Beach Fossils

Posted: April 18, 2010 in Music

Those who remember MM on the old (and ridiculously heavy-handed) Blogspot hosting site will know we loved the Daydream single by blissed out lo-fi janglers Beach Fossils.

They are releasing their self-titled debut album on Captured Tracks in May. This is the first taster – enjoy.

Download Beach Fossils – Youth mp3 (from Beach Fossils)