MM’s (Slightly Lazy) Friday Round Up

We start with apologies aplenty for the lack of interesting and cogent words to accompany this post of many new, and excellent tunes. We are regularly afflicted by an internal conflict as to whether we use our time to write the original, erudite prose some of the songs we are sent deserve (as many of the much better, and smarter blogs than ours do), but … Continue reading MM’s (Slightly Lazy) Friday Round Up

A Late December Catch Up

With all the festivities and end-of-year lists of our favourites, it has meant we have not been able to post a number of new tunes that also came out during the latter part of December. So with apologies for the relative lateness of many of these, we still wanted to catch up and give them a bit of love and airtime. Led by the husky, … Continue reading A Late December Catch Up