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And so it was Wilderness again (or Wildness if you were the somewhat disconnected and over-excited John Newman) – this year even bigger (an increase in capacity to 15,000) and still sold out. It is surely the premier boutique festival on the circuit in the undeniably stunning setting of Cornbury Park, which happily lies within a short walk of Mackerel Towers.

By its nature it is not a festival with the emphasis primarily on the music – too much fine dining, fly fishing, horse riding, performance art, debates, and cookery schooling going on for that – and as one other local resident archly observed “they might all look like hobos in here, but the car park is crammed full of BMWs and 4x4s“. Indeed Mrs M herself noted with wry amusement a hunt for mussels in our local Co-op (for breakfast you understand) by one such floaty couple obviously not used to the constraints of a basic convenience store compared with your average Islington deli.

wilderness showNo matter, for music there was and for the most part it was damn good. Friday fare came from the slightly ominous, brooding neo-folk of Six Toes, somewhat at odds with the sunshine as they performed at the Bandstand. They were followed by a vibrant, energetic set from the Keston Cobblers’ Club, a long-standing favourite and discovery of Mrs M, they turned the rapidly swelling crowd into jolly, good-natured barn-dancers borne along on the infectious rhythms and pure joyousness of the set. Back on the main stage, Tom Odell pleased the mainstream as he hammered his piano and hollered out a set that firmly placed him in the box-seat as the new Elton John. In the folk tent Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo turned in one of the highlights of the weekend with a brilliant collection of country and folk, and amply demonstrated why their latest album has been receiving so much critical acclaim. A neon-filled spectacular finale of hippy inspired electronica from Empire of the Sun brought down the curtain on day one.

Saturday gave us more from the Keston’s, reprising their set in the folk tent to a similarly enthusiastic response and another highlight in the shape of Temples who delivered a fabulous selection of West Coast inspired psychedelia mixed with hypnotic rhythms and the occasional meaty glam-rock stomp. Sadly Melody’s Echo TrapezeChamber seemed somewhat flat, their orchestral and grandiose dream pop lacking the spark needed to elevate it above the merely average, and it took a typically quirky and idiosyncratic performance from Martha Wainwright to liven up the rapidly growing numbers making their way to the main stage for the headline act.

And that headline act was none other than Sixto Díaz Rodriguez, Sugarman himself. Now 71, helped on stage to his seat where a rapturous reception, a couple of bottles of water and an eminently sensible cup of tea waited for him. Despite his frailties, he did not disappoint, mixing self-deprecating humour (“All I want is to be treated like an ordinary legend“) with philosophical observations (“Be gentle with your anger, hate is too powerful emotion to waste on someone you don’t like“), political comments (“More women should run for office“) and even a gracious thank you to his Cornbury Park host Lady Rotherwick, he entertained for every moment he was on stage. From beneath an ultra stylish black Fedora, he delivered a sublime set of folk and soul that stirred the heart and set plenty of feet a shufflin’. A mass sing-a-long to Sugar Man in the dusk was extra special, as was Inner City Blues, but amongst a wonderful collection it was perhaps I Wonder, that was the show stealer, as even snoozing couples roused themselves for one final dance.

The Bees at Wilderness On Sunday, the day was stolen by the Isle of Wight’s very own pop-pysch rockers The Bees, who opened with A Minha Menina and included Winter Rose, Listening Man and a fab rendition of I Really Need Love from their last album (which Mrs M had to download immediately). Reggae undercurrents, soulful harmonies, tight musicanship – perfect festival fodder. Laid back rhythms had the crowd swaying in time. All the Bees seems to be multi-instrumentalists – just come along hang out and have a good time vibe.

Festival closers Noah and the Whale actually played quite a good set – all their most well known tunes including L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N., Life is Life, Blue Skies, Tonight’s the Kind of Night, and closing with Five Years Time. Then an encore of The First Days of Spring, which being quite orchestral, made a perfect match for all the fireworks going off at the end. Lovely.

Finally the walk home, avoiding the late-night exodus of all those too-fast BMWs and 4x4s urgently heading home for Monday’s 8am breakfast meeting, and down our rural country lanes too. Tsk tsk.












Here we are again. A round up of our favourite postings of the month. Twenty one outstanding songs from July plus three new ones to make the perfect mix tape. From folk to garage to stoner rock and summer pop it is all here for you. Download, burn to CD, play – groove!

1) Sharon Van Etten – Love More mp3

A slow burning, mesmerising song that envelops like a soft blanket with that always captivating and haunting voice to the fore

2) Roadside Graves – Everything mp3

Another absolute gem of ramshackle, atmospheric country rock

3) Bombay Bicycle Club – Jewel mp3

Acoustic folk standout from classy new album

4) Vanish Valley – Bad Things mp3

Short, mournful folky lament about being used by the Devil as “the sun slips down the ceiling“.

5) Best Coast – Boyfriend mp3

More 60s inspired lo-fi pop goodness from flavour of the month…

6) Dax Riggs – No One Will Be A Stranger mp3

Scuzzy, hypnotic blend of swamp rock with buzzsaw guitars and a healthy dose of psychedelia

7) Javi Garcia & The Cold Cold Ground – The Pills mp3

A mix of gothic country, bitter folk, full on righteous, reverb heavy southern rock, and straight-up country. All with ominous, brooding fiddle

8) Big Blood – Lay Your Head On The Rails II mp3

Comes across like an outtake from Rust Never Sleeps – feedback buzz and a big fat riff powers from the speakers while the reedy, but determinedly unbreakable vocals fight to the finish to make themselves heard

9) Ten Kens – Screaming Viking mp3

Heavenly vocals appear hauntingly over dark sludgy guitars with a surprisingly spiky post-punk riff

10) Lower Dens – Hospice Gates mp3

Weirdly beautiful, it is throbbing, insistent drone-pop on the one hand and haunting, ghostly freak-folk on the other

11) Rare Grooves – Cause For Concern mp3

Hybrid of anthemic chanting, finger-picked twang, and sometimes experimental sounding guitar

12) Fungi Girls – Doldrums mp3

A shuffling groove and dynamic hook – three minutes of pure joyful escapism that tips its hat to Bo Diddley by way of the Jesus & Mary Chain.

13) Secret Colours – Jellybean mp3

Psych-pop with warm, hazy guitars and vocals to match. Evocative of lava lamps, kaleidoscopic displays and some heavy weed man.

14) The Bees – Silver Line mp3

A little summer breeze of a taster, trademark harmonies and the sunshine are there in equal measure to put a smile on your face

15) Bridal Party – Made Me mp3

A freak folk extravaganza, a heady concoction of pulsing rhythms, drone and echoing, downtrodden vocals

16) Screaming Females – I Don’t Mind It mp3

Grungy, distorted and catchy as hell

17) Ghost Animal – In Shrouds mp3

Frantic, but eerie, slice of garage psychedelia that is fuzzy, distorted and deliciously sleazy.

18) The War Crimes – Levin As I mp3

More down-tempo, minimalist pessimism from MM faves

19) Black Mountain – Hair Song mp3

Classic rock. Enough said.

20) Moulettes – Talisman mp3

Avant-garde folk with strands of classical, gypsy, jazz, and rock that create a complex yet accessible whole.

21) Minks – Ophelia mp3

Reflective, 80s tinged dream pop

And three more corking new ones. Enjoy the jangly, indie pop perfection of French Films and the breezy summer pop of The Knocks and then immerse yourself in rock ‘n’ roll’s sleazy underbelly that is Nick Cave’s brilliant Grinderman.

Download Grinderman – Heathen Child mp3 (from Heathen Child 7″)

Download The Knocks – Make It Better mp3 (from Make It Better 7″)

Download French Films – Golden Sea mp3 (from Golden Sea 7″)

New from The Bees

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Indie, Music, Pop

Here at MM we have a soft spot for The Bees (or A Band of Bees as they are known over in the States).

Maybe it’s because they have a base in Ventnor in the Isle of Wight, a place we know well and love very much, and maybe it’s because of that location that they they effortlessly seem to craft some of the sunniest, cathchiest indie-pop you could imagine. For proof, just check out A Minha Menina and Wash In The Rain from their previous albums Sunshine Hit Me and Free The Bees.

Well, after a long three year gap they are back soon to release their fourth album. And true to form are describing this track as a “little summer breeze of a taster“. They’re right too, the trademark harmonies and the sunshine are there in equal measure to put a smile on your face. Enjoy.

Download The Bees – Silver Line mp3