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We’re celebrating ten years of MM. Today we’ve reached the top 50 of our favourite songs of the past decade.

50 Discount Guns – I Heard (2012)


Ass kicking blend of blues rock and country and western with big riffs, plenty of fuzz and loads of reverb. Like the Black Keys with balls.


49 Thee Oh Sees – Toe Cutter/Thumb Buster (2013)


A bass line and guitar riff that are simple genius, massively addictive and unwavering in ferocity as the song crescendos during the chorus. It was the one song that year that whenever anyone heard it for the first time they sat there quietly, and then at the end, would say without fail “That was awesome, Who was that?


48 Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves Of Destiny – Lilliput (2011)


Experimental freak-folk, pop song writing, and a slyly humorous outlook all combine in a stunning fashion. Lilliput’s gentle opening soon gives way to cantering drums, gilded strings and some marvellously versatile falsetto vocals.


47 Parquet Courts – Stoned And Starving (2012)


Two irresistibly hypnotic chords carry a song of deadpan delivery, like Wire doing slacker rock (which obviously would be a very good thing indeed).


46 Blitzen Trapper – The Man Who Would Speak True (2010)

Like a companion piece to Black River Killer (still to come folks, still to come), a surreal, dark fairytale with tumbling rhymes over minimal percussion and a splash of lovely harmonica and always remember “You better guard your tongue like your enemy


45 Water Liars – Linens (2013)


Gorgeous heartbroken country ballad, “And what I would give to be quiet beside you / with the window open, a record playing low / to feel your skin between the clean bed linens / inside a room where sadness never goes”


44 Port O’Brien – My Brain Is Hanging Upside Down (Bonzo Goes To Bitburg) (2010)

Amongst other things Port O’Brien were a fabulous covers band. This is the sweetest Ramones cover ever.


43 Felice Brothers – Fire At The Pageant (2011)

Voodoo, zombies, sinister nursery rhyme chants, classic Felice Brothers lyrics and a woozy, old-timey, back porch rhythm means this song should have been an utter mess. That it was the complete opposite stands tribute to this bunch of ramshackle mavericks of increasingly experimental Americana.


42 The Decemberists – June Hymn (2011)

June Hymn crafts pastoral and emotional imaginery into exquisite, literate, and ultimately hopeful indie rock.


41 Magnetic Fields – Drive On Driver (2008)

A serpentine melody couched in woozy, soft-focus feedback. The ultimate distorted road trip.


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We posted a few days ago about the return of Beth Jeans Houghton, her new moniker of Du Blonde and her change of direction musically.

Here is Black Flag, a super-charged sonic change of direction that kicks off her new sound with thunderous drums, rumbling bass, heavy guitars and a vocal that burns with visceral rage.

Listen below (turn it up to 11), and get a free download here.


Beth Jeans Houghton will release a brand new album this spring on Mute under the name Du Blonde. The new moniker announces a fresh start for Beth whose forthcoming album is a big change in musical direction – as evidenced by the short taster video below.

Her 2012 album Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose was a standalone piece of polymath pop, and a big favourite of Mrs M (who became an honorary hoof of destiny). However, 25-year-old Houghton has always been something of a musical chameleon always playing by her own rules so it probably no surprise that she has taken another sharp left turn away from the predictable.

We await the album with interest…


The first time we came across Beth Jeans Houghton she was supporting Phosphorescent at a gig in London. She was disarmingly quirky, funny, and a little self conscious, but underneath the oddball behaviour it was obvious that there was real songwriting talent and a unique voice at work.

After releasing just one EP (Hot Toast) and one single (Golden/Night Swimmer), Houghton attracted major mainstream media attention in the UK, only to promptly disappear shortly after with next to nothing being heard from her since the end of 2009. So it was good to hear that she is back, has signed with legendary indie label Mute and will release her debut album in the autumn.

A new track Dodecahedron showcases her extraordinary voice and off-kilter lyrics, exploding in cascades of colours and little drummer boy beats. It is a nice appetiser for the album…

Download Beth Jeans Houghton – Dodecahedron mp3