Betrayers – Love Rat 7″

Mixing up flowery bubblegum fuzz, Nuggets-era garage beat and drugged-out psychedelia, Betrayers take the listener on a hallucinogenic journey across an eerie landscape inspired by late nights, bad behaviour, warped love, and total freedom. The Edmonton based six piece released their debut album Let the Good Times Die early last year, and now they’re back with the feverish rumble and freaked out grooves of the … Continue reading Betrayers – Love Rat 7″

It’s An Easter Round Up

We are kicking off Easter with a massive Round-Up of lots of new music and bands that have been sat in our in-box patiently waiting to be heard. Some of these have been released already, some are about to be, but either way we have fifteen artists that are all well worth checking out. . Let us begin¬†with Josh Matthews whose work has been compared … Continue reading It’s An Easter Round Up