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Mad Mackerel's Best O The Month: June 2013

Here we are again, a round up of twenty five of June’s best downloads on Mad Mackerel (plus a few new tunes) that combine to make another perfect mix for those long summer days. Stick these on the iPod, crack a cold one, relax and enjoy!

Honeyslide – Drippin
Swathed in reverb, bathed in noise and drowned in dreamy vocals.

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Big Sun – Pants
As quirky and as engaging a slice of sweet indie pop as you could ever wish to hear.

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Lipstick Lumberjack – Desert Balloons
Folk-pop in the vein of Rilo Kiley.


Mason Brothers – Falling Together
Spacey, contemporary Americana.


Royal Forest – Everyone Who Knows You
Weaves warped psych-pop and surreal Americana into something utterly memorable.


Tales Of Murder And Dust – Tremblin’
Hazy and kaliedoscopic mixing drone, shoegaze and eastern influences into a swirling maelstrom of noise rock.


Jack Wilson – Masterplan
Masterpiece of restrained emotion where spare, but powerful vocals weave between gentle strings and harmonies. A real treat of authentic folk storytelling.

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Algernon Doll – Anti-Them
Fuzzy guitars, layered vocals and no little distortion.


Speedy Ortiz – No Below
New single from garage noiseniks.

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Black Joe Lewis – Skulldiggin
Grips from the off with a blistering, distorted blues riff of righteous fury and a gruff vocal of just the right amount of hellfire and brimstone zeal to match.


Potty Mouth – The Spins
Energetic, scrappy indie rock.

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This Frontier Needs Heroes – George Clooney
Simply gorgeous piece of contemporary Americana.


Argy Rakis – Let It Go
Rasping, deep vocal that sits comfortably atop a percussive chug of travelling troubadour inspiration.


Over Nights – Broken Cabins
Sweetly melodic slice of banjo led, backporch Americana.


Fist City – Boring Kids
Punk. Brash. Snotty. Play loud.


The Blood Arm – Bubblegum
Art-rock cool with a wonderfully weary, almost resigned feel to the glam undercurrent – imagine Roxy Music on downers…


Whale Belly – Bubbles In My Blood
Bears the imprint of traditional folk, but boasts a big band sound, and the violin adds a classical element that contrasts sweetly with the naggingly insistent high-pitched guitar riffs.


The Dive Poets – Idaho
Highway-bound rhythm and spirited viola creates a gently mournful single of perfectly judged alt-Country.


Kill The Captains – Disco Nazi
Guitars fizz and spit, bass lines hum, and drums are beaten and battered in six minute epic.

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Georgia’s Horse – Thistlebomb
Sparse and spooky country noir – hypnotic and filled with a plaintive melancholy.


Jacuzzi Boys – Domino Moon
Psych-garage pop of the very best kind.


Last American Buffalo – Move Me
Slow, yearning country blues.


Golden Animals – The Steady Roller
Hazy, windswept psychedelia.


Download Metz – Can’t Understand mp3 (from Adult Swim Singles Series)
Pulverising new track from punk/hardcore hybrids.

Download Rose Windows – Native Dreams mp3 (from The Sun Dogs)
Six minute exotic distortion weaving Sabbath style sludge with the traditional sounds of the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

And to finish off we have the very welcome return of garage rockers The Obits and their new single Taste The Diff as well as the ragged guitars and snarling girl vocals of Summer Cannibals new track Hey / I Was Saved. We have catchy, energetic garage pop from Holland in the shape of Waiting For Something New by Mozes And The Firstborn, and lastly we have the lush acoustics and warm reverb of neo-folkies The Petticoat Tearoom’s track Love Isn’t Gone.

Don’t forget to check all the other Best of the Month mixes in the sidebar too.

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New Album From The Blood Arm

It seems to us that The Blood Arm are one of those bands who simply never quite get the kudos and appreciation that they deserve. The most cursory listen to their back catalogue reveals some real gems of glam inspired indie, art-rock cool and new wave swagger. Heck they even followed Bowie’s and Iggy’s footsteps and decamped to Berlin for a while.

Hopefully that may change with the release of their fourth long player Infinite Nights, which is out now via RIP Ben Lee Records. The album retains the influences of before, but if first taste Bubblegum is anything to go by, it also showcases a more mature sound with a wonderfully weary, almost resigned feel to the glam undercurrent – imagine Roxy Music on downers…

Download it below. Buy the album here.

The Blood Arm Launch PledgeMusic Campaign.

After the release of last year’s critically acclaimed album Turn And Face Me, The Blood Arm are already plotting their next assault after relocating from LA to Berlin. They are launching a PledgeMusic campaign to raise funds for their next release Sister City.

Sister City will be the band’s fourth album release, completely self-funded on the band’s own imprint Pau! Records. With the money raised, they plan to record the album in June and release it early next year. The garage rocking four-piece are also giving away a free mp3 alongside the launch of their PledgeMusic campaign titled Over Your Head. 


They are promising the album will be somewhat of a departure from their previous direction, as they seek inspiration from the same city that so dramatically influenced Bowie, Eno and Iggy Pop – with themes of change, uncertainty and discovery reflected in their new, more experimental outlook.

Support the PledgeMusic campaign by clicking here – lots of goodies and incentives on offer plus a portion of the proceeds will go to the American Red Cross.

See our previous Blood Arm post here.

Here are the juiciest cuts from our May postings rounded up and presented as one marvellous mix plus a couple of cracking new tracks as well. Be sure to check out all our previous ‘Best Of the Month’ mixes in the sidebar too.

Download Country Mice – Morning Son mp3 (from Twister)

Country rock and blistering sonic experiments combining to deliver a brilliant apocalyptic ballad.

Download Howling Owls – Hay Fever mp3 (from When Tipsy Turns Somber EP)

Deliciously ominous folk music that creeps from the edges of the swamp and imperceptibly curls icy fingers around the back of your neck.

Download The Black Lips – Modern Art mp3 (from Arabia Mountain)

A garage fuelled boozy swagger with added meaty Stooges Fun House era sonics.

Download Jackie-O Motherfucker – In The Willows mp3 (from Earth Sound System)

Banks of hazy guitars that threaten to show the chillwave youngsters where it’s at with some sun dappled riffs.

Download Abigail Washburn – City Of Refuge mp3 (from City Of Refuge)

Charming mix of Appalachian folk and bluegrass topped with a gorgeous vocal delivery.

Download The Skeleton Dead – Lock The Doors mp3

Brilliantly realised tale of the macabre – follow the twists and turns of a murderous burglar told over a sparse backdrop of gentle instrumentation that acts as a wonderful counterbalance to the coiled menace of the lyrics – this gem gives a twisted new take on murder ballads.

Download Mount Moriah – Lament mp3 (from Mount Moriah)

Wonderfully hymnal chant over a delicate acoustic narrative.

Download Leaving – Lonely Child mp3 (from Ghost House EP)

Sparse, ghostly and beautiful folk with slow, swirling instrumentation like tendrils of smoke from a campfire.

Download The Middle East – Hunger Song mp3 (from I Want That You Are Always Happy)

Australian folk musical collective’s upbeat gem.

Download Moses Luster – I’m The Lion mp3 (from I’m The Lion)

For lovers of tales of the downtrodden and the desperate.

Download Bonnie “Prince” Billy & The Phantom Family Halo – The Mindeater mp3 (from The Mindeater)

Bonnie’s vocal performance is perhaps already one of his eeriest in years – creepy backwoods paranoia anyone?

Download Marissa Nadler – The Sun Always Reminds Me Of You mp3 (from Marissa Nadler)

Her unique blend of dream pop, but this time pedal steel adds a distinct country feel to accompany that exquisite, ethereal voice.

Download Elliott Brood – Northern Air mp3 (from Days Into Years)

Another very fine example of their bluegrass tinged, up tempo alt-country with a classic singalong chorus.

Download U.S. Girls – If These Walls Could Talk mp3 (from U.S. Girls / Slim Twig Split 12″)

Hazy, insistent pop minimalism.

Download Slim Twig – Priscilla mp3 (from U.S. Girls / Slim Twig Split 12″)

Brilliantly twisted pop-art.

Download Chad VanGaalen – Sara mp3 (from Diaper Island)

Sparse, sweet, wide-eyed acoustic taster from new album.

Download Dirty Bourbon River Show – Train Is Gone mp3 (from Volume 2)

Ultra catchy country and horns rumble.

Download The Stripminers – No Luck mp3

Acerbic, punky take on Americana.

Download The Adultery Brothers – Something In My Drink mp3 (from Let Me Think)

Effevescent toe-tapping indie rock.

Download Pearl & the Beard – Sweetness mp3 (from Killing The Darlings)

Spitting, crackling folk with rousing boy/girl harmonies and mischievous ways.

Download The Blood Arm – Introducing Randy Newman mp3 (from Turn And Face Me)

Explosively catchy blend of tribal drums, relentless rock ‘n’ roll guitar and classicly simple, but effective hooks.

Download Mr Plow – Thank You Mr Ford mp3 (from Joyful In Song We Are)

Rich baritone voice lingers over a backdrop of twangy Gretsch guitars, shuffling drums and zinging flat top acoustic strumming.

Download The Roadside Graves – Love Me More mp3 (from We Can Take Care Of Ourselves)

Perfectly judged slice of tattered country rock with a rich chorus and a expansive feel.

Download Savaging Spires – Bending The Rules For Brian mp3 (from Savaging Spires)

Spooky slice of freakish folk and drone with a chorus that sounds like a voodoo incantation over slow, ominous backing strings.

Download The Sea Thieves – Focus The Stars mp3 (from They Will Run)

Hypnotic and haunting, it is a song that is meant for the quiet of evening when the stars are out and the only other sound is the wind rustling the leaves.

Download Twiggy Frostbite – By The Ocean mp3 

Hazy, dreamlike song that sounds like it was created in a netherworld where surreal is the norm, and nothing is quite as it seems or as it should be.

And to finish we have the slightly unhinged proto-garage of The Bats Pajamas, the brilliantly retro garage soul of Fitz & The Tantrums (with a track just made for open-top cruising), and the first taste of songwriter Van Pierszalowski’s new project following the very sad demise of the wonderful Port O’Brien. Called Waters, this is his rousing single For The One.

Download The Bats Pajamas – Downtown Nitty Gritty mp3 (from The Bats Pajamas)

Download Fitz & The Tantrums – Don’t Gotta Work It Out mp3 (from Songs For A Break Up: Volume 1 EP)

Download Waters – For The One mp3 (from Out In The Light)

We were big fans of LA four piece The Blood Arm’s debut album Bomb Romantics and their 2007 follow up Lie Lover Lie, so after a pretty long gap it is good to hear their third album Turn And Face Me will be released in the UK on the 4th July.

For those who don’t know them, they mix an explosively catchy blend of tribal drums, relentless rock ‘n’ roll guitar and classicly simple, but effective hooks. If ever a band could be called barnstorming it would be The Blood Arm.

Check out taster track Introducing Randy Newman and a classic from their debut album too. You can pre-order the new album and browse their back catalogue at Amazon here.

Download The Blood Arm – Introducing Randy Newman mp3 (from Turn And Face Me)

Download The Blood Arm – Say Yes mp3 (from Bomb Romantics)