Mad Mackerel’s Best Of The Month: February

Here we are again. A mix of the best tracks we posted in February and a few new ones too. Twenty seven cracking songs to immerse yourself in! Download O’Death – Bugs mp3 (from Outside) Echoes of their ramshackle and punkish best, but this time it is cocooned in something more subtle and thoughtful too. Download The Whalers – That Rabbit mp3 (from How The Ship Goes … Continue reading Mad Mackerel’s Best Of The Month: February

Introducing…Bored Man Overboard

The excellently named Bored Man Overboard is a seven-piece band from northern Stockholm. Originally formed by four friends in the high school cafeteria in spring 2007, they then grew larger bit by bit until January 2008, when the band finally consisted of seven members. In October 2009, the EP Sinner Song was released, where the title song became the trailer track for the American show Dexter. And it is … Continue reading Introducing…Bored Man Overboard