Introducing…Bored Man Overboard

The excellently named Bored Man Overboard is a seven-piece band from northern Stockholm.

Originally formed by four friends in the high school cafeteria in spring 2007, they then grew larger bit by bit until January 2008, when the band finally consisted of seven members. In October 2009, the EP Sinner Song was released, where the title song became the trailer track for the American show Dexter. And it is that which probably gives the best clue as to the kind of music they offer, being a perfect match for the tongue-in-cheek, all-is-not-what-it-seems, serial killer show.

Bored Man Overboard are vibrant, dark and reserved, they tell stories about forgotten people, of resignation and subdued wine buzzes. They recall the darker, more solemn moments of the National, and the music sounds like it has been dragged screaming from being immersed in six months of darkness. They are a wonderful antidote to the empty pop fluff that abounds – I can’t imagine anyone daring to remix Bored Man Overboard, and nor should they try – this stuff is serious, powerful and certainly not frivolous. This music demands your attention.

Their debut album Rogue was released in January 2011 on Hazelwood Vinyl Plastics/ Rough Trade. Take a listen to two tracks below – exactly right for wallowing in on a dark, lonely  Sunday night.

Visit their MySpace here. Buy from Amazon here.

Download Bored Man Overboard – Abigail mp3 (from Rogue)

Download Bored Man Overboard – 9th Grade mp3 (from Rogue)

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