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Brown Shoe – Babe In Woods

Posted: April 8, 2014 in Indie, Music, Rock

MM Shorts 533: Brown Shoe

We’ve already posted Brown Shoe’s title track to their forthcoming Lonely Beast Part 1 EP, and the Cali brothers have now released Babe In Woods, the third and final single from it – another blast of anthemic indie rock.

Lonely Beast Part 1 is out tomorrow, and Part II and Part III will be out later this year.


MM Shorts 533: Brown Shoe

Posted: March 13, 2014 in Indie, Music, Rock

MM Shorts 533: Brown Shoe

Lonely Beast is indie rockers Brown Shoe’s follow up to 2011’s The Gift Horse and their first release since moving from Northern California to Los Angeles. The four brothers Ryan, Aaron, Bryson, and Landon Baggaley all grew up in Folsom, CA… not too far from where a certain Mr Cash recorded At Folsom Prison.

Sitting somewhere between the National, the Mumfords, and Bon Iver, you can hear/download the lead track below.

Mad Mackerel's Mega Round Up. Here is another collection of tunes we’ve gathered from our in-box and the internet – we’d like to have more time to do them justice, but nevertheless a cornucopia of pleasures awaits you we promise!

First up is the consistently wonderful Damien Jurado with some authentic, strummed desert blues. Nothing Is The News is the first taste of his forthcoming album Maraqopa.

Download Damien Jurado – Nothing Is The News mp3 (from Maraqopa)

Indie-folksters The Dodos have made a previously unreleased track, So Cold, available.

Download The Dodos – So Cold mp3 (Previously Unreleased)

Of Montreal have also offered up a new track, the seven minute, topically titled Wintered Debts. They have a new album, Paralytic Stalks, due in early 2012.

Download Of Montreal – Wintered Debts mp3

Brown Shoe have been picking up some nice reviews and plaudits for their album The Gift Horse (Bandcamp here) and here is another track to enjoy in the shape of Pauper.

Download Brown Shoe – Pauper mp3 (from The Gift Horse)

Gregory Scott Slay’s posthumous album Horsethief Beats was released a week ago on Communicating Vessels. It is a swirling and mesmerising mix of ambient style folk and Americana with an almost trip-hop undercurrent.

Download Gregory Scott Slay – Kindred Spirit mp3 (from Horsethief Beats)

Download Gregory Scott Slay – Keep It Secret mp3 (from Horsethief Beats)

Galaxy Sunrise are a new name to us, but new offering When Pigs Fly is a lovely excursion into hazy psych-pop that deserves investigating. Check out their Static Moon EP which can be downloaded for free from their Bandcamp page here.

Download Galaxy Sunrise – When Pigs Fly mp3 (from When Pigs Fly single)

Danish band The Boombox Hearts, despite what the name might suggest, offer up a very tasty line in melancholic folk that has drawn comparisons to Mrs M’s fave Mark Lanegan. Crank It Up is a lovely lo-fi example of their wares. Buy their Monte Carlo EP here.

Download The Boombox Hearts – Crank It Up mp3

The Lower 48 release their first full length album, Where All Maps End in the middle of December. The End is the first taste and showcases their warm organic sound and 60s folk influences beautifully without ever being derivative – one to look out for.

Download The Lower 48 – The End mp3 (from Where All Maps End)

We featured Niteflights and their exuberant indie pop back in the summer and they have now turned their hand to a cover of John Cale’s classic Paris 1919. See what you think.

Download Nightflights – Paris 1919 mp3 (John Cale cover)

Electric Flowers are fast gaining a reputation for being louder than My Bloody Valentine. Their self-titled debut EP contains the sonic epic Circles that will resonate long after the last note has faded away.

Download Electric Flowers – Circles mp3 (from Electric Circles EP)

Musically, Whales In Cubicles evoke a huge variety of influences from American greats such as Guided by Voices and Sebadoh, to songwriters such as Neil Young and Stephen Malkmus, all the way through to British heroes Black Sabbath, Blur and Radiohead. Having given away Terror of the Void in the summer they are now releasing a single on the ever reliable Young & Lost Club, who are also offering up Never And Ever as a free download.

Download Whales In Cubicles – Never And Ever mp3

Download Whales In Cubicles – Terror Of The Void mp3

Similarly The Quiet Americans appear to love nothing more than belting out some good old fashioned fuzzed up rock ‘n’ roll and do it extremely well. Their Medicine EP is available for free from their Bandcamp page and contains this noise-pop belter, Be Alone.

Download The Quiet Americans – Be Alone mp3 (from Medicine EP)

Indie psych rockers The Sunbears! released You Will Live Forever yesterday and we have two tracks for you – the infectious Give Love A Try and the more ironic They Think They’re Soooo Philosophical.

Download The Sunbears! – Give Love A Try mp3 (from You Will Live Forever)

Download The Sunbears! – They Think They’re Soooo Philosophical mp3 (from You Will Live Forever)

Kurt von Stetten will release his sixth full-length solo album Cyclops on December 13, on Static Motor Recordings. Effectively using simple song structures and minimal storytelling to create a record of intricate and eclectic garage rock.

Download Kurt von Stetten – Codify mp3 (from Cyclops)

And lastly (for now), we’re loving the catchy folkish strum of Swede Joakim Fritzner’s Thoughts On Us 23-3 from mini album/EP It’s Not Me… which gets a digital release today via Birds Will Sing For You Enterprises. A blend of Nick Drake, Laura Marling and even Peter Gabriel, this one has been on repeat since we first heard it.

Download Joakim Fritzner – Thoughts On Us 23-3 mp3 (from It’s Not Me…)

Round-Up Time. So much to catch up on…here’s a few tracks to tickle the earbuds.

Veteran noisemongering indie rockers Comet Gain have given us another track from their excellent album Howl Of The Lonely Crowd, this time it is the marvellously titled Clang Of The Concrete Swans.

Download Comet Gain – Clang Of The Concrete Swans mp3 (from Howl Of The Lonely Crowd)

Acid Baby Jesus deliver (as you might surmise) a full throttle blend of scuzzy garage rock, and they do it better than most. Check out latest effort Oh, Aurelia as well as previous single Hospitals.

Download Acid Baby Jesus – Oh, Aurelia mp3

Download Acid Baby Jesus – Hospitals mp3 (from Hospitals single)

Elsewhere, long dormant freak folkers Charalambides return with a trademark cut of drone and fucked up, fuzzed out folk in the shape of symphonic epic Before You Go. Pre-order the album Exile, their first for 5 years, here.

Download Charalambides – Before You Go mp3 (from Exile)

At the other end of the folk spectrum are Ohbijou who release new album Metal Meets later this month. Anser is a lovely slice of harmonious, orchestral folk that you can grab for free below.


Sic Alps placed themselves firmly on our radar with long player Napa Asylum and have returned with a new single Breadhead, which ticks all the right boxes for us – a lo-fi, garage gem of tambourine, guitar squall and hippy vocals.

Download Sic Alps – Breadhead mp3 (from Breadhead 7″)

The recent reissue of Social Climbers one and only self-titled album of sparse, spastic, weirdly danceable punk/disco is a cause for celebration, one listen to the twitchy, psycopathic Chicken 80 is enough to tell you that. And make us nostalgic for 1980 too.

Download Social Climbers – Chicken 80 mp3 (from Social Climbers)

Weekend offer up Hazel from a new EP simply titled Red on Slumberland. An excellent mix of noise rock and catchy indie melodies takes this into shoegaze territory, but the song craft alone makes this well worth investigating.

Download Weekend – Hazel mp3 (from Red EP)

Carter Tanton has debuted a new single Horrorscope from his forthcoming full-length, Freeclouds, with Western Vinyl. Slated for a November 15th release, the album also features the enchanting vocals of MM fave Marissa Nadler.

Download Carter Tanton – Horrorscope mp3 (from Freeclouds)

Speculator, aka Nick Ray, has released a debut album of intriguing warped pop and skewed 80s electronics on Underwater Peoples. Try Blue Rose on for size.

Download Speculator – Blue Rose mp3 (from Nice)

We have been meaning to post about The Black Rabbits debut album Hypno-Switch for a good while without ever managing it. Theirs is a record that confidently acknowledges its dues to the past without letting it suffocate them, and the result is a superb blend of classic rock, jangly guitars, precision drumming and passionate vocals. Calling to mind The Doors via Television and The Violent Femmes, take a listen to the wistful melancholy of Painter, Poet, Prophet, Priest – one of the many album highlights. Buy the album via their website here.

Download The Black Rabbits – Painter, Poer, Prophet, Priest mp3 (from Hypno-Switch)

From black to brown, and Brown Shoe, another new name to us, but Late Nights is an excellent slice of effortlessly catchy indie and folk rock from their fourth album The Gift Horse. The soaring vocals and anthemic chorus will have you up and punching the air before you know it.

Download Brown Shoe – Late Nights mp3 (from The Gift Horse)

Download Brown Shoe – Colt Rider mp3 (from The Gift Horse)

And, appropriately enough, on to Red in the shape of Red Measure. They have a three track debut EP titled Seven Inch coming out shortly and Parlor Pageant offers much to be enthusiastic about – a nicely heavy slab of bruising no-nonsense rock carried along on a classic hypnotic riff and tribal drumming. Out on September 20th through iTunes and on Spotify.

Download Red Measure – Parlor Pageant mp3 (from Seven Inch EP)

The City And Horses are an elusive indie pop outfit who will shortly release their sophomore effort We Will Never Be Discovered via Paper Garden. The title track is a catchy gem that recalls the halycon days of prime Talking Heads.

Download The City And Horses – We Will Never Be Discovered mp3 (from We Will Never Be Discovered)

Sweet Baboo is Stephen Black, a native of the North Wales countryside and a single-minded, idiosyncratic, contrary singer-songwriter who possesses an ear for a sparkling melody, a restless soul, and a gift for a deft lyrical turn; from darkly funny to piercingly tender, twinklingly boastful to deliciously self-deprecating. Following the release of his third album, I’m a Dancer/Songs About Sleeping, Black has returned in 2011 with his latest EP – Girl Under A Tree.

Download Sweet Baboo – The Day I Lost My Voice mp3 (from Girl Under A Tree EP)

2011 has been quite the journey for ambient folk songstress Steph Thompson – who performs under the name Steffaloo. Much blog buzz has been generated and this is the exquisite b-side to debut 7″ single On Fire. Purchase the vinyl here.

Download Steffaloo – The Red Runs Free mp3 (from On Fire 7″)

Trwbador are an avant pop duo from Wales who are releasing their second EP titled The Sun In The Winter. It has been described as ‘cute and scary’ or ‘If Roal Dahl made music it would sound like this!’, but irrespective of all that, the title track really is a gem of idiosyncratic, original off-kilter pop.

Download Trwbador – The Sun In Winter mp3 (from The Sun In Winter EP)

Icarus Himself releases an album of rather good electro psych-folk on October 11 via Science of Sound Records. Try On Your Side, built on a loop of a drum machine hi-hat and a fuzzed-out Casio synth and recalling artists like Kurt Vile, Deerhunter, and David Bowie.

Download Icarus Himself – On Your Side mp3 (from Career Culture)

And last, but certainly not least, we have the raw blues boogie and punk attitude of Welsh duo Henry’s Funeral Shoe which is shown off to great effect with Dog Scratched Ear, the first track from their second album Donkey Jacket. It is out on Alive Records on October 11th. We think this might well be the best thing they’ve done to date.

Download Henry’s Funeral Shoe – Dog Scratched Ear mp3 (from Donkey Jacket)