MM Shorts 533: Brown Shoe

Lonely Beast is indie rockers Brown Shoe’s follow up to 2011’s The Gift Horse and their first release since moving from Northern California to Los Angeles. The four brothers Ryan, Aaron, Bryson, and Landon Baggaley all grew up in Folsom, CA… not too far from where a certain Mr Cash recorded At Folsom Prison. Sitting somewhere between the National, the Mumfords, and Bon Iver, you … Continue reading MM Shorts 533: Brown Shoe

Mad Mackerel’s Mega Round Up

Here is another collection of tunes we’ve gathered from our in-box and the internet – we’d like to have more time to do them justice, but nevertheless a cornucopia of pleasures awaits you we promise! First up is the consistently wonderful¬†Damien Jurado with some authentic, strummed desert blues. Nothing Is The News is the first taste of his forthcoming album Maraqopa. Download Damien Jurado – … Continue reading Mad Mackerel’s Mega Round Up

Round-Up Time

So much to catch up on…here’s a few tracks to tickle the earbuds. Veteran noisemongering indie rockers Comet Gain have given us another track from their excellent album Howl Of The Lonely Crowd, this time it is the marvellously titled Clang Of The Concrete Swans. Download Comet Gain – Clang Of The Concrete Swans mp3 (from Howl Of The Lonely Crowd) Acid Baby Jesus deliver … Continue reading Round-Up Time