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Day four of our countdown of our favourite 200 songs of the past 10 years.

140 Chelsea Light Moving – Groovy & Linda (2012)


A distorted, bloody jam in tune with the bloody, violent nature of the 1960s shooting it narrates. Any Sonic Youth undertones? What do you think.


 139 Dan Auerbach – Heartbroken, In Disrepair (2009)

The gritty guitar sound sets up a soulful, dirty blues where hopelessness finally overpowers determination.


138 Spectrum Meets Captain Memphis – The Lonesome Death Of Johnny Ace (2008)

Biopic-epic groover shows the two musicians playing off a southern fried radiation telling the tale of a famous singer’s Russian Roulette tragedy on Christmas day.


137 Houndmouth – For No One (2015)

Spare and epic. Surreal and vivid. Plaintive and slyly humorous. An absolute gem of Dylan-esque storytelling that manages to be anything but derivative.


136 Deer Tick – Chevy Express (2011)

Sombre, reflective, and undeniably sobering. Chevy Express is the soundtrack to a heavy heart and lonely regret washed by the first light of an early morning dawn and may well be the best thing they’ve ever done.


135 Howling Owls – Family Tree (2010)


Sinister, noir-ish folk from the Howling Owls. Family Tree is ominous, forbidding, baleful – all the things we love from one of our favourite discoveries of the past ten years.


134 The Silver Jews – Strange Victory, Strange Defeat (2008)

David Berman’s lyrics were amongst the sharpest, wittiest, pithiest and most potent in the whole of indie-rockdom. The rumbling Strange Victory, Strange Defeat’s opening verse is Squirrels imported from Connecticut / Just in time for fall / How much fun is a lot more fun? / Not much fun at all and it just gets better from there…


133 Tweak Bird – A Sun / Ahh Ahh (2010)


Brilliant mix of full-on old-school metal riffing with psychedelic overtones and an absurdly heavy climax. Rock on dudes.


132 A.A. Bondy – I Can See The Pines Are Dancing (2009)

Both intriguing and evocative, A.A. Bondy’s lovely, road-weary voice conveys a rarely felt depth of experience on the back of a melody steeped in warm melancholy.


131 Angus Stone – It Was Blue (2012)

Borrowing a Stooges’ style riff, It Was Blue is a stunningly good, modern day excursion into fuzzy 70s psychedelic rock.


130 Joe Pug – Hymn 35 (2009)

Classic singer-songwriter fare, but set apart from the crowded competition by the the consistently thought-provoking lyrical wordplay and the chance to holler along in the car with I have done wrong / I will do wrong / There’s nothing wrong / With doing wrong.


129 James Arthur’s Manhunt – Killzone (2016)


An intense, tribal, maelstrom of churning, filthy guitars and pounding percussion that veers into space rock by way of spaghetti westerns and Italian horror films.


128 Nightjar – Poor Man’s Son (2008)


A wonderfully simple tale of a son done wrong set to a classic bluegrass inflected folk-strum.


127 Southerly – Desolation Row (2013)


Darkest of dark pop, infectious melody, ominous drone, sparing song structure and astute lyricism.


126 Protomartyr – Pontiac 87 (2015)


Brilliantly hypnotic riff. Brilliantly hypnotic reflection on a dispiriting Papal visit to Pontiac, Michigan in the late eighties.


125 Julie Ruin – I Decide (2016)


Somehow manages to be outrageously catchy, while simultaneously sounding like an angry bunch of wasps trapped in a jam jar.


124 Low – Plastic Cup (2013)


Moody and smart-ass sarcastic story of substance abuse, a lifetime of dependence on others, and the soul-crushing future of pointless drug tests. All set to an understated, super-low tempo, and wonderful co-ed vocal harmonies between Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker.


123 Port O’Brien – I Woke Up Today (2008)


A chaotic, swelling modern day seafarer’s shanty. And the biggest damn sing along chorus in the whole list.


122 Airborne Toxic Event – Sometime Around Midnight (2008)

What can you say. Overblown, theatrical, bombastic and yet still one of the greatest indie rock songs of the past ten years. The bluster eventually revealing the true pain and sorrow of desolate heartbreak.


121 Fritjof Norrmo – Set Me On Fire (2015)


Swedish singer-songwriter’s endearing and somewhat nostalgic tale of a brief, but passionate love encounter. A true heart warmer.


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And to complete our Best of Year postings, we have our favourite ten albums from 2013. Every single one is superb…

10 Black Angels – Indigo Meadow

New Song From The Black Angels


9 Wooden Wand – Blood Oaths Of The New Blues

wooden wand 500


8 Vandaveer – Oh, Willie, Please

More From Vandaveer


7 Jus Post Bellum – Oh, July

Another Track From Jus Post Bellum


6 Wooden Shjips – Back To Land

wooden shjips 500


5 T. Hardy Morris – The Audition Tapes

t hardy morris 500


4 Water Liars – Wyoming

New Track, New Album From Water Liars


3 Chelsea Light Moving – Chelsea Light Moving

chelsea light moving 500


2 Jesse Woods – Get Your Burdens Lifted

jesse woods 500


1 Phosphorescent – Muchacho

phosphorescent 500


Check out numbers 50 – 31 here, and 30 – 11 here.

Chris T Popper's Best of 2013

As well as our Top 100 tunes of the year that we’ve posted over the past few days, each of the MM contributors have put together their own lists. Next up is Mr Chris T Popper.

20. Coathangers – Adderall


19. GRMLN – Summer Days
Download GRMLN – Summer Days mp3


18. Willie Nile – American Ride


17. Mickey Gloss – Are You Happy


16. Orwells – Who Needs You


15. Chelsea Light Moving – Lip


14. Wooden Wand & World War IV – I Hate The Nightlife


13. Vandaveer – Omie Wise


12. Coma Cinema – Virgin Veins


11. Quiet American – Wild Bill Jones


10. Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Gammy Leg
I underestimated this offering from Australia’s finest when I first listened to it. Essentially a tale of the immense bad luck befalling the protagonist and his ‘gammy leg’ it’s easy to dismiss. That would be a mistake. The wonderful deadpan, matter of fact delivery is laced with some brilliant throwaway lines and the black humour never wavers for a second.


9. Water Liars – Fake Heat
I kind of loved this song despite trying not to if you know what I mean? In the end I gave in gracefully (which wasn’t difficult, there’s a fair bit of imploring in this one) as the heart should always overrule the brain when it comes to music. It does have an undeniable glory to it as well though which can’t help stirring even this most cynical of souls.


8. Jesse Woods – Cold Blood
As traditional as the aching sadness of yet another year wasted Christmas always brings, there will undoubtedly be a latecomer to my top 10. Step forward Jesse Woods. I was listening to this song in the car when I first got the CD and when I finally heard to it on a ‘proper’ music system it blew me away. Woods has great timing to his delivery and an even better voice. It’s bloody magnificent.


7. Foxygen – No Destruction
This was pretty much nailed on. With the opening line of I’m sending you this photograph of me in my new car I had already signed up on the Foxygen dotted line and was awaiting further instruction. A subversive laid back and slightly peculiar song. Kept me thinking all year, as I never knew where I really had it.


6. T Hardy Morris – OK Corral
Sad, sad songs eh? Love ‘em myself and T. Hardy Morris delivers a tour de force with OK Corral. You can’t help it as you’re dragged in to the drowsy chorus and it’s tangible sense of sorrow. It’s also another song from this year with a great opening line. Swear me in, I’m good at making promises…


5. Terry Malts – I Was Not There
As my previous top 10s bear out I do like a proper modern punk song. Terry Malts can do that. Heavy drums and a real hurry-up guitar combine to great effect. It’s an enjoyably unforgiving song.  And ‘I was not there’ are four words that have constantly come in useful throughout my own life.


4. Burning Hell – Grown Ups
An instant hit. From the very start Grown Ups is a treat, with the most arresting opening lyric I’ve heard for some time. Guitar meanders along as the tale unfolds about nostalgia and the joy of hanging around graveyards being ‘little goth idiots’. I had a goth stage in my teens – trench coat, skinny black jeans, miserable outlook and an utterly appalling haircut. The quintessential goth you might say and a really great effort from me.


3. Southerly – Desolation Low
Now I mean this in a good way, but I just love the damn ‘seriousness’ of this song. Serious without being shit that is. And for that Southerly must be congratulated and lauded. Instead we have a climatic build up and an epic finale that gave it a deserved top 3 status. It just picks me up and carries me away no matter how many times I hear it.


2. Low – Plastic Cup
I haven’t met anyone who didn’t like this song after the very first listen. I think Low may have cracked it. There’s a dreamy kind of stillness to it and a perfect example of the genius of simplicity. It never tries too hard because it doesn’t need to.


1. Phosphorescent – Song For Zula
In a recent interview Matthew Houck talked about Song For Zula and how he felt he had achieved something with the song that he thought was beyond his ability. An almost unconscious level of quality he hadn’t perceived was there. I know exactly what he means… apart from never having achieved anything to my ability or beyond it. But I can imagine, so I won’t let it hold me back. Just the best song I’ve heard in ages.

MM's Favourite Tracks Of 2013: 75 - 51

The countdown of our one hundred favourite tracks of 2013 continues…today we reach halfway as we bring you 75 down to 51.

75 GRMLN – Summer Days
Thrashy, catchy, singalong rock’n’roll with platform shoes and ridiculous flares.

Download GRMLN – Summer Days mp3


74 Sisters – Clearhead
Here are my shoes. See how I gaze at them. It says 2013 on the label, but I’ve gone back to the early 90s. Lovely. (Mrs M)



73 Courtney Barnett – History Eraser
Deadpan, conversational, charming, funny, literal and literate – a drunken night’s tale told with an upbeat lo-fi jangle and amiable vocal delivery.


72 Pickwick – Lady Luck
Gorgeous cover of the Richard Swift tune, and featuring Sharon Van Etten.


71 Holograms – A Blaze On The Hillside
Most thrilling riff of the year?


70 Willie Nile – American Ride
The best roadtrip song we’ve heard in many a moon, impassioned and infectious.


69 Cerny Brothers – Whiskey
Moonshine Americana straight from the back porch.


68 Mickey Gloss – Are You Happy
Wry social commentary meets punk DIY and garage psychedelia in a distillation of antipodean sun and London melancholia.


67 Nick Cave – Wide Lovely Eyes
Oh clever, clever Nicholas Cave and his voice so hypnotic, deep and dark. You could imagine this as part of a recruitment drive to join a cult (yes you, with your wide lovely eyes). With a teasing yet subdued musical arrangement, this is the gospel according to St Nick. (Mrs M)



66 Barbarossa – The Load
A sparse and delicate ballad, undercut by a distorted organ refrain, and constructed around remarkable and tender vocals.


65 The Orwells – Who Needs Who
Roaring drums and aggressive, snapping vocals gave us the most thrilling garage punk single of the year.


64 Fuzz – Sleigh Ride
Heaviest riff of the year?


63 Cass McCombs – Big Wheel
Hypnotic, rumbling, country-dirt travelogue.


62 Arcade Fire – Reflektor
We are right in the mix here: a bit of dance therapy needed. Remember the hypnotic triangle of cooker/fridge/sink? Throw some shapes, make a curry, go knock yourself out; I didn’t want to dance, but they made me. (Mrs M)


61 Chelsea Light Moving – Lip
Hardcore anthem of the year.


60 The Cave Singers – Canopy
Sun-drenched, mellow indie folk opener from their Naomi album.


59 Coma Cinema – Virgin Veins
Spare and haunting. Talking of quiet suffering, loneliness, ugliness and confusion, “The heart is a monument / to a childhood of abuse.


58 Dune Rats – Stoner Pop
In a parallel world somewhere, this was the smash hit of the summer.


57 Wooden Wand & The World War IV – I Hate The Nightlife
On Wooden Wand’s wrist is a tattoo: WWNYD – What Would Neil Young Do? Our guess? Buy this record. Epic, taut, tense, and full of the fiery guitar so beloved of NY.


56 The Head & The Heart – Shake
The bass drum kicks this one into action, a little bit of clapping and then, hello, the rest of the band follows. There’s a sweet change of tempo for the chorus: ‘And the memories we made will never be lost, no.’ Maybe not, but watch out for that prevailing wind. (Mrs M)


55 Half Moon Run – Full Circle
A captivating blend of exquisite guitar lines and delicate folk melodies.


54 Quiet American – Wild Bill Jones
Old time folk for modern times, Quiet American bring new light to the many faceted tale of all-American bad boy Wild Bill Jones.


53 Gaz Coombes Presents – One Of These Days
Heartfelt, beautiful melancholia set to a piano and strings and a pulsing bass line.


52 Blitzen Trapper – Feel The Chill
That old wreck of a shack buried in evergreen and murky darkness at the bend in the road up on Jackson Hill where we used to drink and never failed to give me a chill driving by in the old Impala for it’s implacable mystery.” That’s where Feel the Chill takes place.



51 Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Gammy Leg
I underestimated this offering from Australia’s finest when I first listened to it. Essentially a tale of the immense bad luck befalling the protagonist and his ‘gammy leg’ it’s easy to dismiss. That would be a mistake. The wonderful deadpan, matter of fact delivery is laced with some brilliant throwaway lines and the black humour never wavers for a second. (CP)

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My first trip back to Austin since 2009, and compared with then the town is hectic even before any music is officially due to start. Streets are teeming with folk whereas previously four years ago, the day before the event, Chris T Popper and I had strolled around empty streets and then casually into the marvellous Waterloo Records and bought wristbands for the coming evenings showcase events. We had no idea then just how useful that was going to be.

This year, pre-armed with wristband knowledge, I went to Waterloo Records on Sunday only to be told that they were pretty sure they weren’t getting any at all to sell this year. Judging by the folk that were around even then, a wristband (and entry into the evening showcases) seemed a forlorn hope.

But hope springs eternal and this morning, by judicious following of the official SXSW news updates, I discovered a very limited number of wristbands would be on sale from selected music venues today. Only it didn’t say which ones.

I e-mailed the SXSW e-mail address and eventually got a reply telling me to look in the Austin Chronicle. I went online and finally found a list of 8 venues selling wristbands and armed with this knowledge grabbed my stuff and caught the bus into town.

I rushed to the first and closest venue. Shut. The second. Shut. Third, a helpful man said they wouldn’t be selling wristbands until 7.30pm. The fourth. Shut. The fifth just had a sign saying We aren’t selling wristbands yet – I asked, they shrugged and said come back this evening. The sixth told me to come back at 6pm.

At this point, I stopped to take stock.

A car went by dressed as a rabbit. A giant mobile phone, clearly unable to see, careered into people. A magician with green hair scammed happy passers-by. Cops watched on. The sun beat down. A man wearing a werewolf’s head played the fiddle. Someone was sick. Another man dressed only in cardboard sheets marched by with a placard “Be like me. Crazy”.

I needed to get out of the sun (suncream left in haste at the hotel) and seemingly having no chance of a wristband until the evening, I headed for The Mohawk and a day party that looked promising on paper. On came the Beach Fossils looking the epitome of New York cool in skinny black jeans and t-shirts and proceeded to delight a packed crowd with a set of upbeat, indie rock anchored on chiming guitars and short, uncomplicated songs.

As they departed I decided to use the bathroom and was joined at the urinals by the large imposing figure of grunge legend and forefather of the no-wave movement, none other than guitar maestro Thurston Moore who was up next with his new band Chelsea Light Moving. Somewhat disconcerted by being confronted with the erstwhile leader of Sonic Youth with not so much as pants down as flies open, I managed a garbled greeting to which he amiably replied “enjoy the show man”. And enjoy it I did, a blistering set of guitar histrionics and punk rock that made me determined to investigate much more thoroughly their recently released album. Highlights included Sleeping When I Fall, a brutal Groovy & Linda, the Roky Erickson tribute Empires of Time, a more brutal Lips and closing new songs Sunday Stage and the most brutal of all, No Go.

A difficult act to follow and so it proved for Barcelona’s Delorean, who strived to please with their blend of danceable, indie rock, but it was a bit like watching a shower after a tsunami and it took the good ole boy southern blues rock of Natural Child to properly raise the tempo again. Looking like a cross between Status Quo and ZZ Top, they joyfully retuned the Mohawk to its Texas roots with a set of choogling boogie and good natured bonhomie.

Party over, I headed for the appropriately named sports bar, Buffalo Billiards where wristbands were apparently going on sale from 7pm. I joined a small, but growing queue headed by a Joe Strummer lookalike in a Clash City Rockers leather jacket, an excitable midget from New York, a honeymooning couple arguing over a Bratwurst, and an wizened old tattooed Texan and Austin resident who had inexplicably missed the sale of wristbands to locals. Behind me the queue grew exponentially as the dwarf from Brooklyn regaled us all with tales of previous SXSW’s, mainly about endless taxi woes, and finishing every sentence with “you gotta be a ninja about it”. He then exposed the Strummer lookalike as a phony as, when asked, he was unable to confirm whether Clash City Rockers was a song or an album. Twat.

After an hour or so a SXSW volunteer arrived to announce she had 30 wristbands only that were going to be available as cash purchases. I headed for the ATM with the honeymooning husband (who had driven down from Montreal via Memphis and New Orleans) as he confessed, “if you were a judge I’d get you to divorce us” and  withdrew the necessary funds. Against all odds I had the precious wristband.

Just time then to return to the Mohawk and the Pitchfork party, smugly jump the enormous queue of non-wristband folk wanting to get in, and catch a set from new faves of Mrs Mackerel, Night Beds. The indoor stage is jam-packed, testament to the buzz they have created as the latest of the “folksinger in a cabin” stories, but unlike Bon Iver these are more robust songs, ornate and orchestral, they powerfully rise and swell to fill the room and the band clearly look set for bigger things. Finally it is Torres and a set of quiet/loud indie rock illuminated by her intense vocals and cracked washes of distorted guitar, amongst which Honey is an absolute stand out. Although there is more than enough in the rest of their material to suggest they may be more than just a temporary flavour of the month.

I leave. Hail a taxi, the first I see. It stops. You’ve got to be a ninja about it.

Offically, SXSW hasn’t started yet. Unofficially it is off to a stormer.

Download Torres – Mother Earth, Father God mp3 (from Torres)

Download Natural Child – Hard Workin Man mp3 (from 1971)

Download Natural Child – B$g P$mp$n mp3 (from The Muse American Songwriter September Sampler)

Download Delorean – Real Love mp3 (from Subiza)

Mad Mackerel's Best Of July Mix.

You know the score. Some of our favourite downloads from the past month neatly parcelled up into one tasty mix and decorated with a few new tunes too. Nearly forty in all. Jump in!

Download Wye Oak – Spiral mp3 (from Adult Swim Singles Series)
A change of approach and tempo from experimental folkies

Download Unnatural Helpers – Hate Your Teachers mp3 (from Land Grab)
Raging. Ferocious. Punk

Download Wake Up Lucid – Feel It mp3 (from Feel It)
Combines sex-drenched vocals, high octane guitar, and a glorious lo-fi sludge that is garage rock at its purest and most dangerous

Download Keston Cobblers’ Club – For Words mp3 (from One, For Words)
Sweetly harmonious, banjo led folk song

Download White Wires – All Night Long mp3 (from WWIII)
Fun, infectious, and recalls some of the very best of the power-pop tunes of the late 70s

Download Deep Time – Homebody mp3 (from Deep Time)
Densely melodic slice of restlessly minimalist indie pop

Download Sun Sister – Sore Eyes mp3 (from Sun Sister Single)
Lo-fi dreampop with warm melodies, gorgeous reverbed vocals and rough jangly guitars

Download The Black Cadillacs – Choke mp3 (from Run)
Pure rock –  strong guitar melodies that are matched with catchy lyrics

Download Crooked Cowboy & The Freshwater Indians – Annalog And Her Hopeful Diaries mp3 (from Annalog And Her Hopeful Diaries EP)
Psychedelic whirlwind tinged with an unattainable nostalgia for a western era of dusty corrals and one-horse towns

Download Talk Normal – Bad Date mp3 (from Sunshine)
Hypnotically brilliant blend of punk and krautrock

Download People’s Temple – Looter’s Game mp3 (from Looter’s Game 7″)
Keeping a groovy, 60s psych vibe going

Download Wobbly Lamps – Alice The Goon mp3 (from Wobbly Lamps)
Takes an intro that sounds like it has been dragged kicking and screaming from a sweaty Detroit basement club in the 60s, attaches it to a thrumming, hypnotic riff, and then slams a sleazy proto-punk chorus over the top

The Lovely Sparrows – While Sailing
Gorgeous, pastoral folk


Download The Felice Brothers – Lincoln Continental mp3 (from God Bless You Amigo)
Classic ramshackle Americana. Just about as good as it gets!

Download Aaron Embry – Moon Of The Daylit Sky mp3 (from Tiny Prayers)
Spare, captivating, and beautifully simple folk

Download Cate Le Bon – What Is Worse mp3 (from CYRK II)
Beautifully reminiscent of The Velvet Underground at their weary, foggy best – an uncomplicated and unadorned slice of late night melancholic pop

Download Damon Moon & The Whispering Drifters – Ten Sleep, WY mp3 (from Lungs, Dirt & Dreams)
Fractured, unassailable beauty that begins with a sentiment any of us over a certain age can identify with, before it breaks out into a more expansive guitar showdown/meltdown

The Wilderness of Manitoba – The Ark
Beautiful slice of chamber-folk


Download Grassfight – Nassau mp3 (from Icon EP 2)
With shades of Interpol in the hypnotic, propulsive percussion, echoes of Dinosaur Jr in the swirling guitar, and a classic indie deep, monotone vocal, the track successfully ticks all the necessary boxes for a post-punk extravaganza

Freedom Fry – Summer In The City (from Summer In The City single)
Infectious, sunshine indie-pop at its very best


Download Two Gallants – My Love Won’t Wait mp3 (from The Bloom And The Blight)
Rollicking tune showcases the duo’s heavier side

Download Outer Minds – We Are All Stone mp3 (from Behind The Mirror)
Perfectly judged garage-psych voodoo rumble, with a reverential nod to the Doors

Download Lord Huron – Time To Run mp3 (from Lonesome Dreams)
Galloping, infectious dusty folk chime

Download Spook Houses – American mp3 (from Trying)
Lo-fi slacker indie rock loaded with the energy of the band’s rambunctious punk roots

Steakhouse – Spider Bite
Hear the sound of Johnny Cash’s electric guitar come floating in over the hypnotic, pulsing rhythm and be seduced by the strange blend of krautrock and C&W


Download D.B. Rouse – Never Home Again mp3 (from The Good Land)
Another folky gem from travelling troubadour

Kalle Matson – The Shore (from Lives In Between EP)
Folk with an experimental edge that is equally at home dropping in a bit of punk distortion as it is with some funky basslines


Download Delta Spirit – Tear It Up mp3 (from Delta Spirit)
Another brilliant uptempo cut from outstanding recent album

Download Denver – Reno mp3 (from Denver)
Perfect country twang from Blitzen Trapper led indie supergroup

Download The Mountain Goats – Cry For Judas mp3 (from Transcendental Youth)
New album cut from quirky indie-rock royalty

Download Chelsea Light Moving – Frank O’Hara Hit mp3
Trademark guitar squall and distortion from Thurston Moore’s new project

Download John Murry – Southern Sky mp3 (from The Graceless Age)
Emotive and soul-wrenching mix of Americana and electronica

Download The Wild Leaves – Sister mp3 (from Sister)
Evocative and poignant, the notes sweetly swirling around the room like dust mites in the sunlight, as though the story it tells could have been hummed on back porches for decades gone by

Last American Buffalo – That Woman (from Here She Comes)
Brilliant blues stomp and folk swagger

Download Woodpecker – Married To The Movies mp3 (from Thanks Anyway)
Indie folk and banjo ramble including occasional bloodcurdling zombie screams


The Most Powerful Telescope In The Universe – Lectures On Quanta (from Lectures On Quanta)
A brilliant psych-pop nugget of mellotron led drone


And to finish off, here is Pony Boy’s The Murder Ballad Of Carrie Lee, inspired by an actual teenage couple who gained notoriety during a cross-country crime spree in the late 1950s as well as a first taste of Hot Freak Nation. We have the beautifully crafted psych tinged rock of The Asteroid Shop and the melodically rich and compelling new track Fifty Fifty from The Luyas.

Download Pony Boy – The Murder Ballad Of Carrie Lee mp3 (from The Murder Ballad Of Carrie Lee single)

Download Hot Freak Nation – All The Right Things mp3 (from Lifetime To Lifetime)

Download The Luyas – Fifty Fifty mp3 (from Animator)

Download The Asteroid Shop – Alone mp3 (from Distant Luxury EP)

A Massive Friday Mix.

The number of new releases has cranked back into top gear recently with a whole host of tasty ear ticklers coming our way. So what could be even better than an Olympic opening ceremony than a massive Mad Mackerel Friday mix – twenty four tracks handpicked especially for you.

We light the flame with buzzworthy punked-up noiseniks Fidlar and in the same vein another from Vancouver-bred trio Nu Sensae. We have new songs from instrumental folk experimentalists Balmorhea, another from Blitzen Trapper led country rock supergroup Denver, a third track of trademark guitar distortion from Thurston Moore’s new project Chelsea Light Moving, Jason Lyttle covering 80s pop experimentalists Talk Talk, and some lo-fi goodness from R Stevie Moore.

We have some infectiously angst inspired riffage from Big Scary, some infectiously synth inspired indie rock from Letting Up Despite Great Faults and some infectiously beguiling electro-indie pop from Scraps. We have a brilliant psych-pop nugget of mellotron led drone from The Most Powerful Telescope In The Universe and a couple of tracks of Woodpecker’s indie folk and banjo ramble including occasional bloodcurdling zombie screams.

We have the new Lowpines dustily defiant Americana single via the excellent EardrumsPop label, and the slow moving gospel melancholy and honeyed velvet vocals of Padraig Whelan. There is melancholy too in Eli Mardock’s atmospheric, but slightly more upbeat indie-pop, and Fountains give us a taste of epic, brooding indie rock that tips a wink to 90s shoegaze and is as good as anything new we’ve heard in a good while – play this baby loud!

We have Delta Spirit’s brilliant Tear It Up from their recent self-titled album, and the new one from prolific and quirky indie rock royalty Mountain Goats. There is singer-songwriter’s Sondre Lerche’s out-take from his soon to be reissued album Phantom Punch, and a new taste of Crystal Castles gothic dance moves with Plague.

And lastly we have the angular, jerky and irreverent new wave of The Modern Airline, the hypnotic pummelling of psych-dance-rockers Turing Machine and Mac DeMarco’s My Kind Of Woman, a brilliant driving anthem of garage-pop.


Download Fidlar – The Punks Are Finally Taking Acid mp3 (via Rollo & Grady)

Download Delta Spirit – Tear It Up mp3 (from Delta Spirit)

Download Balmorhea – Pyrakantha mp3 (from Stranger)

Download Denver – Reno mp3 (from Denver)

Download Jason Lyttle – Tomorrow’s Started mp3 (from Spirit of Talk Talk)

Download R Stevie Moore – Pop Music mp3 (from Lo Fi High Fives)

Download Nu Sensae – 100 Shades mp3 (from Sundowning)

Download The Mountain Goats – Cry For Judas mp3 (from Transcendental Youth)

Download Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Visions mp3 (from Untogether)

Download Lowpines – Give Me A Horse mp3 (from Lowpines Single)

Download Chelsea Light Moving – Frank O’Hara Hit mp3

Download Turing Machine – Lazy Afternoon Of The Jaguar mp3 (from What Is The Meaning Of What)

Download Scraps – Secret Paradise mp3 (from Secret Paradise 7″)

Download Eli Mardock – Everything Happens For The First Time mp3

Download Woodpecker – Married To The Movies mp3 (from Thanks Anyway)

Download Woodpecker – Every Boy In New York mp3 (from Thanks Anyway)

Download Padraig Whelan – What I Know, I Know With You mp3 (from Never Be So Wicked, No More As You Once Were EP)

Download Sondre Lerche – Boxing Day mp3 (from Phantom Punch)

Download Crystal Castles – Plague mp3 (from Plague)

Download The Modern Airline – Monster On The Campus mp3 (from The Modern Airline)

Download Mac DeMarco – My Kind Of Woman mp3 (from Mac DeMarco 2)




Thursday Means Eight of the Best!

Good stuff coming out of our ears from every direction at the moment. Here’s a little round-up of eight of the best of them. Download them all below.

First up we have punky psych-rockers Cult of Youth with a taste of forthcoming album Love Will Prevail (out September on Sacred Bones), this is Man And Man’s Ruin.

Keeping the noise levels in the red are Talk Normal with the hypnotically brilliant Bad Date, taken from forthcoming album Sunshine (Joyful Noise Recordings) .

Meanwhile keeping the groovy, 60s psych vibe going are People’s Temple with their new single on Hozac RecordsLooter’s Game.

Taken By Trees have announced a new album Other Worlds (out on Secretly Canadian) and Dreams is the first single from it.

We loved the first taste of Thurston Moore’s new project Chelsea Light Moving (Matador Records) when we heard the track Burroughs. The next instalment comes in the shape of Groovy & Linda.

Brooklyn’s TEEN flesh out a sound of languid, lo-fi psyche pop redolent of Paisley Underground bands like Opal and Rain Parade. Since releasing an EP in April 2011, they have steadily honed their sound and readied their first long-player, In Limbo, which will be released via Car Park Records. This track, Electric is a perfect example of the density and layers of the band’s morphing keyboards, driving synths and jungle drums while letting their finely arranged vocals sit gloriously on top.

You Kill is a fuzzy, jangly delight from Eternal Summers that could have been transplanted from the indie heyday of C86 et al. It is out on Kanine Records on the 24th July.

And lastly Crooked Cowboy & The Freshwater Indians showcase a psychedelic whirlwind tinged with an unattainable nostalgia for a western era of dusty corrals and one-horse towns. Annalog And Her Hopeful Diaries is the title track of their new EP on Neurotic Yell Records, and also features Lisa Papineau.

Download Circle of Youth – Man and Man’s Ruin mp3 (from Love Will Prevail)

Download Talk Normal – Bad Date mp3 (from Sunshine)

Download People’s Temple – Looter’s Game mp3 (from Looter’s Game 7″)

Download Taken By Trees – Dreams mp3 (from Other Worlds)

Download Chelsea Light Moving – Groovy & Linda mp3 

Download Chelsea Light Moving – Burroughs mp3 

Download TEEN – Electric mp3 (from In Limbo)

Download Eternal Summers – You Kill mp3 (from Correct Behaviour)

Download Crooked Cowboy & The Freshwater Indians – Annalog And Her Hopeful Diaries mp3 (from Annalog And Her Hopeful Diaries EP)