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We seem to be getting overwhelmed by high quality videos at the moment so it would be churlish and not a little selfish of us not to share some of the best with you.

Kicking off is the wonderful video for the delicately beautiful Tuck The Darkness In from the Bowerbirds new album The Clearing.


Next we have Cheyenne Marie Mize and a video for her adventurous track Wishing Well from new EP We Don’t Need.


Download Cheyenne Marie Mize – Wishing Well mp3 (from We Don’t Need EP)

We change pace and attitude somewhat with new videos from the Ex-Girlfriends Club, DZ Deathrays (with a parody of Paul Simon’s You Can Call Me Al video) and The Burnt Ones. Check them all out…







Iroquois Falls is Toronto resident Priya Thomas, a creation that came about following the death of her best friend and roommate. After which she fell into disorientation and despair, and it is chronicled by this music she recorded. The sound falls somewhere in between Patti Smith, Lydia Lunch and Grouper. Check it out.


By contrast The Vespers are irreverent and even goofy in this video for the upbeat indie pop of brand new song Flower Flower. It comes from new album The Fourth Wall (out April 3rd) – grab another track from it below as well.


Download The Vespers – Better Now mp3 (from The Fourth Wall)

And talking of irreverence, here is the Boom Bang’s stop-motion video for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme tune. It has over 4,000 individual pictures, 60 hand drawn images and 3 months of tedious work to recreate the nostalgic 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon introduction in stop motion. Watch it and download it for free.



Spring Offensive are another emerging Oxford band who are starting to create quite a name for themselves. This is the video for the gorgeous Carrier (the b-side to forthcoming single Worry Fill My Heart) and you can see why the buzz is justified.


Bonnie And Clyde is the debut single from The Last Party, due out on the 16th April, and is one of the best new tracks we’ve heard for a while. Well worth checking out – see if you can spot guest star Clint Boon from the Inspiral Carpets?


Sharon Van Etten’s new album Tramp is finally seeming to be bringing her the attention and plaudits she deserves. This is the video for Leonard.


Download Sharon Van Etten – Leonard mp3 (from Tramp and the Insound Free February Digital Mixtape)

UK indie rockers The Joy Formidable’s newest single is the pummelling rocker A Heavy Abacus, which the band have recorded and released a new music video for.


And finally we have another debut video, this one is from indie rockers Wildlife for their song Sea Dreamer. It’s got rival gangs, street bowling, food fighting, a gun, more weapons, more fighting, and props – lots and lots of props. Download it for free too…



Mad Mackerel's Best Of The Month: January 2012.

Here are the best of our January posts together with a few tasty new tracks. All in all nearly forty great tunes compiled and neatly presented in one lovely mix. As always, don’t forget to check out all our previous monthly mixes listed in the sidebar on the left.

Download Night Genes – Soaring Through The Chromosomes mp3 (from Like The Blood)
Infectiously catchy, military folk stomp. A real gem.

Download Cheyenne Marie Mize – Wishing Well mp3 (from We Don’t Need EP)
A mix of r&b tinged staccato vocals and adventurous modern pop.

Download HowlerBack Of Your Neck mp3 (from America Give Up)
Buzz band deliver with this slice of catchy, infectious garage influenced rock that calls to mind vintage Strokes.

Download Ceremony – Hysteria mp3 (from Zoo)
Viciously uncompromising and brilliant hardcore punk.

Download Frankie Rose – Know Me mp3 (from Interstellar)
Dreamy pop jangle.

Download The Owsley Brothers – Rotten On The Vine mp3 (from Rotten On The Vine Single)
New single from our favourite experimental blues boys.

Download Kam Kama – Called Up mp3 (from The Tiled House EP)
Propulsive percussion and dark, sinewy guitar lines are the order of the day. Sinister vocals are intoned and the overall effect is one of delightful queasiness and uncertainty.

Download Laura Gibson – La Grande mp3 (from La Grande)
Cantering desert-folk.

Download The Mind Spiders – Wait For Us mp3 (from Meltdown)
Perfect, primal garage rock.

Download Disappears – Replicate mp3 (from Pre Language)
Brain splintering psych-rock.

Download Donovan Quinn – Shadow On The Stone mp3 (from Honky Tonk Medusa)
Perfectly judged excursion into classic storytelling territory backed by gentle guitar lines and a slightly weary, melancholy tinged vocal.

Download First Aid Kit – The Lion’s Roar mp3 (from The Lion’s Roar)
Title track of new album showcases those gorgeous and beautiful folk harmonies.

Download Guy Capecelatro III – Like Anything mp3 (from North For The Winter)
As much a carefully constructed poem as it is a song. There are no wasted words, and each one is sung in a minimal, whispering voice accompanied by sparse instrumentation, including a haunting saw, creating a mood that is beautifully sombre.

Download Gabriel & The Hounds – The World Unfolds mp3 (from Kiss Full Of Teeth)
Deceptively seductive song that calls to mind artists from across the decades and as diverse as The Byrds to the Silver Jews.

Download The Great American Canyon Band – Tumbleweed mp3 (from Tumbleweed 7″)
Alt-country duo use just 2 old guitars to create a sound that is intimate, honest and ethereal.

Download Town Hall – Charlie mp3 (from Sticky Notes & Paper Scraps EP)
Try the gorgeous slow burn of Charlie, which is as captivating a song as we’ve heard this year.

Download Stephen Paul Smoker – Green City mp3 (from Ripe Fruit)
Pulsating psych-rock groove and foot stomping rhythm, marvellous.

Download Shearwater – You As You Were mp3 (from Animal Joy)
Impassioned tune galloping along on the back of an urgent piano refrain.

Download Cate Le Bon – Puts Me To Work mp3 (from CYRK)
Sultry and gently hypnotic folk.

Lower Dens – Brains (from Nootropics)
Brilliantly hypnotic and menacing track from experimental folksters.


Download D.B. Rouse – Full Time Job mp3 (from Meal-Ticket)
Fine example of this wandering troubadour’s unique view of the world married to a sharp lyrical delivery.

Download Capybara – Neighbor Crimes mp3 (from Dave Drusky)
Warm, organic indie rock that manages to be both simple and catchy.

Download Toy – Left Myself Behind mp3 (from Left Myself Behind single)
Krautrock rhythms melded with buzzing indie guitars and a vocal that recalls the halycon days of British indie rock.

Download Damon Moon & The Whispering Drifters – Loose Ends mp3 (from Lungs, Dirt, & Dreams)
An absolute gem, a gentle strum, a loosely insistent rhythm, hoarsely whispered vocals and a sweetly climactic chorus.

Download Young Prisms – Floating In Blue mp3 (from In Between)
Beguiling mix of dreamy psychedelia over a fuzz of shoegazey guitars and reverb.

Download The Ex-Girlfriends Club – The Witch mp3 (from Boo Hoo Hoo)
Incendiary mix of distortion, proto-punk and voodoo blues that manifests itself perfectly in the primal stomp of this cover of the Sonics classic The Witch.

Download Terry Malts – Nauseous mp3 (from Killing Time)
High octane, clattering punk riffage.

Download Big Deal – Chair mp3 (from Chair EP)
Harmonious, sweetly strummed indie-pop with a nice touch of reverb.

Download William Fitzsimmons – Blood and Bones (Acoustic Version) mp3 (from Noisetrade Free Sampler)
Alternative version of track from deluxe edition of acclaimed album Gold In The Shadow.

Download I See Hawks In L.A. – Dear Flash mp3 (from New Kind Of Lonely)
Authentic acoustic Americana.

Download The Low Anthem – Stories Of The Street mp3 (from The Songs Of Leonard Cohen Covered)
The wonderful Low Anthem put their stamp on a track from Leonard Cohen’s classic debut.

Download Vacant Fever – Kill Kill Kill mp3 (from Kill Kill Kill EP)
Recalls some of the classic work of bands like Wire or Gang Of Four. It is jerky, minimal and, best of all, genre-defying!

And to finish off this month’s bumper offering we have the new track from folksters The Bowerbirds, some cascading guitars and thunderous rhythms from The Jealous Sound’s new release, A Gentle Reminder and a six minute sonically layered slab of climactic indie rock from LA band Louden Swain that we’ve got on repeat here. We have some swirling, 60s tinged psych-rock from The Pharmacy and finally the breezy jangle of Wild Nothing’s new single, Nowhere.

Download The Bowerbirds – In The Yard mp3 (from The Clearing)

Download The Jealous Sound – Your Eyes Were Shining mp3 (from A Gentle Reminder)

Download Louden Swain – Cigarette mp3 (from Eskimo)

Download The Pharmacy – Dig Your Grave mp3 (from Dig Your Grave)

Download Wild Nothing – Nowhere mp3 (from Nowhere 7″)

New EP From Cheyenne Marie Mize. Cheyenne Marie Mize introduced herself internationally on the 10″ release Among the Gold with Bonnie “Prince” Billy – an inventive take on a variety of late 19th century American parlor music handpicked by her and Will Oldham.

We first discovered her when we posted her Valentine’s Day recording – a lush and spine-tingling cover of said same Bonnie Prince Billy’s I Called You Back from his 2006 release The Letting Go.

Her new EP, We Don’t Need (out Jan. 24, 2012 on Yep Roc) offers an expansion of the sonic palette she’s established – with more dynamic moods, instrumentation, and experimentation. Using only a dense array of percussion, the opener Wishing Well is a mix of r&b tinged staccato vocals and adventurous modern pop. A somber funeral march provides the backbeat of Don’t Call Me Beautiful before the resplendent piano swing of Going Under. In fact, from first note to last this is a record that will first entrance, then captivate and finally haunt you in a way that rarely happens nowadays.

Download Cheyenne Marie Mize – Wishing Well mp3 (from We Don’t Need EP)

Download Cheyenne Marie Mize – I Called You Back mp3 (Bonnie Prince Billy cover)

Here are a couple of treats for Valentine’s Day.

Firstly MM faves Two Wounded Birds who featured heavily in the MM Best of 2010 lists have made a new track available especially for Valentine’s Day. Treat Me Tender is a typically Spector-drenched track with a plaintive, pleading lyric and a vocal delivery Richard Hawley would be proud of. It will be up for a limited time only and can be downloaded free from the band’s website here.


Secondly, gorgeous songstress Cheyenne Marie Mize has recorded a lush and spine-tingling cover of Bonnie Prince Billy’s I Called You Back from his 2006 release The Letting Go. It’s for Valentine’s Day, it’s free to download, and it’s quite lovely.

Download Cheyenne Marie Mize – I Called You Back mp3 (Bonnie Prince Billy cover)