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An absolute overload of stonking new tunes this week…including the returns of Black Mountain, The Black Keys and Clinic and a stunning Iggy & The Stooges cover… in Spanish.


  1. The Claque – Hush
  2. Black Mountain – Future Shade
  3. The Black Keys – Lo/Hi
  4. Clinic – Rubber Bullets
  5. A.A. Bondy – Images Of Love
  6. The Coathangers – The Devil You Know
  7. The National – You Had Your Soul With You
  8. The Mystery Lights – Someone Else Is In Control
  9. Laura Stevenson – Value Inn
  10. Strand Of Oaks – Keys
  11. Christian Lee Hutson – Northsiders
  12. Greys – These Things Happen
  13. Sudakistan – Quiero Ser Tu Perro  (Iggy & The Stooges cover)
  14. Arre! Arre! – His-Story Moves In Circles
  15. Cherry Pickles – Lily Is A Spy
  16. Gotobeds – Calquer The Hound
  17. Patio – New Reality
  18. Possible Humans – The Thumps






















More From Shearwater

It seems to be a day for covers!

Following on from the Eagulls taking on Killing Joke, you can now download Fucked Up Life, the second single from Shearwater’s Fellow Travelers album, a new collection of reinventions and collaborations with artists they’ve toured with over the years.

Fucked Up Life is Shearwater’s rendering of the song written by beloved Denton, TX band (and labelmates) The Baptist Generals, and also features additional instrumentation from the UK’s very own Clinic.

Fellow Travelers sees a release on the 25th and 26th November (Europe and USA). Pre-order here.

[Click through to download for free]

Videos of the Day

Today’s videos come from Clinic, with an appropriately shattered and psychedelic offering of broken images and  cascading colours accompanying Seamless Boogie Woogie BBC 10pm (rpt), from Steady Hills we have the folky Long Grey Roads and from the excellently monikered Roadkill Ghost Choir some nine months work of animation for Bird In My Window. Finally, watch Garrett Pierce’s spaghetti western themed video for the haunting Why, Oh Why? and grab a  couple of other downloads from his new album City Of Sand.





Download Garrett Pierce – Santa Anita mp3 (from City Of Sand)

Download Garrett Pierce – (On Route To) Antigua mp3 (from City Of Sand)

Mrs Mackerel's TFI Friday (18th May).

This week saw the arrival of the Dooper. Cue small fanfare and much smiling. I think it’s a boy and will therefore be called Simon. Resisting the urge to perform in a typical Mrs Mackerel fashion in new wheels, I haven’t yet reversed into an inanimate object. Though it does look like I may get done for speeding; I find small cars travel much “better” than crap old ones. Blink and you’ve missed me…

On to equally important matters, the theory of make-up application. After a rather high-spirited soiree with my darling High Priestess, and considering the very sorry state of delirium and disarray I found myself in the following morning, I decided that amount of make-up rendered is directly proportional to the amount of alcohol consumed the night before, yet inversely proportional to the hours of sleep obtained. The net result of a midweek night with HP, sampling gin and tonic in a “Dumfries” fashion (don’t ask, I can’t explain), followed by many, many glasses of pink stuff with bubbles, results in… industrial strength panstick. I was a barely functioning shocker the next day, think “floating on my side in the tank” state of affairs.

Tonight, I will be reprising my Debbie McGee role at our children’s school in an entirely sober fashion, where MM will be hosting the annual quiz. A rather cruel thought just crossed my mind, does this make MM a vertically challenged, second-rate magician from Middlesbrough? There’s a thought for the weekend…

Mrs Mackerel x

Download Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard – Mini-Theme: Moocher From The Future mp3 (from Em Are I)

Download Clinic – The Magician mp3 (from Winchester Cathedral)

Clinic’s Christmas Video

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Alternative, Indie, Music, Rock

Here is a festive song and video from Clinic. Rather good too.