Four Thousand Posts On MM

According to the WordPress stats, this is our 4,000th post since we were removed from the internet by the Stalinesque Google Blogspot in April 2010, and forced to start MM all over again. To celebrate we thought we would treat ourselves and post ten songs from prior to MM’s existence that helped shape our own musical landscape. A self-indulgent Desert Island discs if you will…from listening for … Continue reading Four Thousand Posts On MM

Free Mixes From Feel Bad For You & Insound

The latest mixes from Insound and Feel Bad For You are now up for free download. The Insound mixtape has ten tracks and includes such MM faves as Shearwater, Obits and Golden Suits as well as Sebadoh, King of Spain and The Wrong Words. Check out one of our favourites below or grab the whole thing for free here. The newest monthly mix from Feel … Continue reading Free Mixes From Feel Bad For You & Insound

Introducing…Bare Bones

Bare Bones’ self-titled sophmore EP. is a stunning nod to the group’s alt- country roots. Vocals are layered over a dripping violin, a weary steel guitar and a locked in rythm section, taking one back to a time that once was. Check out the irresistible Hope & Feather, which gallops along on the back of perfectly judged fiddle and drums and calls to mind The Builders … Continue reading Introducing…Bare Bones

Check out Shuffler FM

We’re very impressed with Shuffler FM, the new music blog internet radio that plays randomly selected tracks from different blogs based on your preferences of genre. Then if you like the song you can download it from the blog before moving on to the next track and the next blog. It is brilliantly simple, no registrations or log-ins, and is a great way to discover … Continue reading Check out Shuffler FM