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According to the WordPress stats, this is our 4,000th post since we were removed from the internet by the Stalinesque Google Blogspot in April 2010, and forced to start MM all over again.

To celebrate we thought we would treat ourselves and post ten songs from prior to MM’s existence that helped shape our own musical landscape. A self-indulgent Desert Island discs if you will…from listening for the swearwords in the first Stiff Little Fingers album to following the Cropdusters all over the UK to an ill advised dalliance into the world of goths…

Here then are a special ten for MM…


Stiff Little Fingers – Alternative Ulster


Neil Young – After The Goldrush


The Butthole Surfers – Human Cannonball


The Clash – Armagideon Time


The Cropdusters – Just Poppin Out To Fight A War


The Doors – Cars Hiss By My Window


The Woodentops – Well Well Well


The Screaming Blue Messiahs – Sweet Water Pools


Lou Reed – How Do You Think It Feels?


The Mission – Deliverance


Insound Vinyl MixtapeThe latest mixes from Insound and Feel Bad For You are now up for free download.

The Insound mixtape has ten tracks and includes such MM faves as Shearwater, Obits and Golden Suits as well as Sebadoh, King of Spain and The Wrong Words. Check out one of our favourites below or grab the whole thing for free here.

The newest monthly mix from Feel Bad For You is themed on Unsung Heroes and as always includes a brilliantly eclectic selection from a host of music bloggers – our own contribution from the criminally under-rated Cropdusters is below, but other choice cuts include Two Cow Garage, Joe Pug, Mudhoney, Bo Diddley and plenty more. Download the whole thing here.

Download The Cropdusters – Just Poppin’ Out To Fight A War mp3 (from If The Sober Go To Heaven…)

Introducing…Bare Bones

Posted: October 10, 2011 in Country, Folk, Indie, Music, Rock
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Introducing...Bare Bones.Bare Bones’ self-titled sophmore EP. is a stunning nod to the group’s alt- country roots. Vocals are layered over a dripping violin, a weary steel guitar and a locked in rythm section, taking one back to a time that once was.

Check out the irresistible Hope & Feather, which gallops along on the back of perfectly judged fiddle and drums and calls to mind The Builders & The Butchers and Elliott Brood, or even the long forgotten (and criminally underrated) British heroes of the hoedown, the mighty Cropdusters.

Visit their website here. Purchase form iTunes here.

Download Bare Bones – Hope & Feather mp3 (from Bare Bones EP)

And compare them…

Download The Cropdusters – Lady Next Door mp3 (from Home-Grown Agent Orange)

We’re very impressed with Shuffler FM, the new music blog internet radio that plays randomly selected tracks from different blogs based on your preferences of genre. Then if you like the song you can download it from the blog before moving on to the next track and the next blog.

It is brilliantly simple, no registrations or log-ins, and is a great way to discover new music (and new blogs) you might like.

Check out Shuffler FM and get started by clicking here or using the link on the right.

And while we’re at it, it seemed like a good opportunity for us to try and get two or three old classics (that have long been unfairly forgotten) onto the Shuffler playlist too.

So try the classic cow-punk of The Men They Couldn’t Hang and their storming protest song Ironmasters, the 100% infectious folk and fiddle of The Cropdusters Yesterday’s Cakes, and the bitter anti-war lament The Easter Parade by The Faith Brothers. All wonderful additions to any iTunes library.

Download The Men They Couldn’t Hang – Ironmasters mp3 (from Night Of  A Thousand Candles)

Download The Cropdusters – Yesterday’s Cakes mp3 (from If The Sober Go To Heaven)

Download The Faith Brothers – Easter Parade mp3 (from Eventide)

Time on me is wasted time. Ah yes: the Kings of Leon.  And if we posted that then we would be in trouble, now that the Followill tribe are big in Japan.  And other places, of course.

The older I get, the more disappointing I find people – in general.  (Obviously there are always a few notable exceptions – yes, you know who you are).  So it’s been a week of disappointments really.  People who should know better; people who like to play games; people who forget the old adage of treat other as how you would like to be treated.  Anybody would think we were in the middle of an election.

Not April showers this month, just sunshine.  But the skies have clouded over and it’s raining blossom.  Hello May.  Been feeling a bit scaly this week, so let’s move into the long weekend and try and shake the gloom. Better ask MM to top up my glass.  Skol.

Welcome in the weekend with some vintage, venomous Mclusky and their “keeping up with the Joneses” classic To Hell With Good Intentions, and for anyone else feeling scaly, here is MM’s favourite live band of all time The Cropdusters and a barnstorming Alligator Come Across.

Have a good weekend.

Download Mclusky – To Hell With Good Intentions mp3 (from Mclusky Do Dallas)

Download The Cropdusters – Alligator Come Across mp3 (from If The Sober Go To Heaven)

Download The Cropdusters from eMusic here, or Mclusky here.