Check out Shuffler FM

We’re very impressed with Shuffler FM, the new music blog internet radio that plays randomly selected tracks from different blogs based on your preferences of genre. Then if you like the song you can download it from the blog before moving on to the next track and the next blog.

It is brilliantly simple, no registrations or log-ins, and is a great way to discover new music (and new blogs) you might like.

Check out Shuffler FM and get started by clicking here or using the link on the right.

And while we’re at it, it seemed like a good opportunity for us to try and get two or three old classics (that have long been unfairly forgotten) onto the Shuffler playlist too.

So try the classic cow-punk of The Men They Couldn’t Hang and their storming protest song Ironmasters, the 100% infectious folk and fiddle of The Cropdusters Yesterday’s Cakes, and the bitter anti-war lament The Easter Parade by The Faith Brothers. All wonderful additions to any iTunes library.

Download The Men They Couldn’t Hang – Ironmasters mp3 (from Night Of  A Thousand Candles)

Download The Cropdusters – Yesterday’s Cakes mp3 (from If The Sober Go To Heaven)

Download The Faith Brothers – Easter Parade mp3 (from Eventide)

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