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We’ve been catching up (again) on some new tunes and, well frankly, there are just too many of the bloody things.

Here are a few of the loud / fast / brutal / noisy ones we’ve really liked from the last month or so, and there’ll be a few more (quieter ones) tomorrow.

So here we go…

The Hives are back with new single Good Samaritan. They’ve still got it.


Slaves new EP The Velvet Ditch features four songs that didn’t make the cut for most recent album Acts of Fear And Love. This is One More Day Won’t Hurt.


And Flake is a highlight from Fidlar’s latest long player Almost Free – a great video too.


Garage psych legends Oh Sees have shared the brilliant Poisoned Stones from upcoming album Face Stabber.


Out next month, Nottingham punk rock lifers Grey Hairs have announced their third album Health & Social Care – a scorching reflection on balancing your creative impulses against the commitments of impending middle age. This is the video for Tory Nurse.


Alien Thing’s sound is described as danceable late 90s punk, peppered in midwest depression. Some references are Shellac, Tom Waits, Fugazi, and Primus. This single, the excellently titled How to Build an Earthworm Farm, is loud and impassioned. Lyrically, it’s half psycho-narration and half diss-track aimed at the prison-industrial-complex…


Meanwhile Frauds are back with a brilliant new single full of jagged riffs – Putin’s Day Off is acerbic and savage. Never heard the phrase “critically acclaimed major label debut” spat quite so viciously…


Crushed BeaksSky Burial is driven by squalls of feedback wrestling with pop melodies turned inside out, pushing forward sheets of distortion and psyched out rushes of noise pop.


Brooklyn based band Pink Mexico’s track Dirty & Stupid, from the recently released album DUMP, is an anthem of torrid times, self-medication and self-sabotage.


The twisted music of Knife Wife gets a new outing on Family Party. The album is a medley of violent indifference, sorrow, general nastiness, bitter joy, and the symbolism of dogs. Check out The Dentist.


Black Mekon and his brother Black Mekon were named after the legendary Black Mekong, illegitimate children of prostitutes visited by missionary preachers, abandoned to fend for themselves on the banks of The Mekong River. Now joined by their cousin Black Mekon they deliver blistering in-the-red punk blues as a three piece. New single Immunity is 63 seconds of of jet-engine noise and pelvis-shattering drums. It comes from new album Destroy Nostalgia (out August 16).


London cosmic punk quartet WACO have returned with a new single, Levenshulme Lover,  and have a new full length, Human Magic, set for release on November 1st.


Bay area jangle post punks Neutrals have shared the video for Hate the Summer of Love off their debut album Kebab Disco.


London-based punk outfit Real Authority have released a third track Depression Issues from their upcoming debut EP True Motion. Guitarist Johann Saul describes it thus, “This is probably the heaviest track in our set. You’ve got Slayer-esque cymbal grabs, twisted spoken word passages, creepy organ parts, down tuned bendy riffs, and a brutal half time breakdown. A real journey through the fiery riffs of hell!” 


And finally, Discordant, claustrophobic and unforgiving, Icelandic psych-rock heavyweights Singapore Sling have been conjuring their own scuzzy nihilistic anthems for nearly two decades and are back with their tenth full-length, Killer Classics, that’s due for release August 15th on Fuzz Club. Here is the morbid, blown-out hip-shaker that is album-opener Suicide Twist – an unholy attack on the senses comprised of blistering guitar- noise, mechanical drum-machine and atonal, deadpan vocals.


Videos of the Day

Watch a brilliant video from Field Report to accompany their track I Am Not Waiting Anymore, Crushed Beak’s new video for their track Breakdown, and Esmé Patterson’s video for My Young Man featuring another MM fave in Nathaniel Rateliff. Finally we have the soaring indie-pop of Scottish six piece The Maginot Band and their new video for recent single Sombre Fayre.




Crushed Beaks Cover Torches VTOO. A couple of weeks ago we posted Torches cover of Crushed Beaks Close-Ups, now as part of the split single release Crushed Beaks are returning the favour with their cover of Torches VTOO.

This time the duo have replaced their usual full-on steam-hammer approach with slowly pounding drums and staccato guitar noise creating something akin to a sonic maelstrom – a post-apocalyptic bedlam if you will.


Download Crushed Beaks – VTOO mp3 (from Crushed Beaks / Torches Split Single)

Download Torches – Close-Ups mp3 (from Crushed Beaks / Torches Split Single)

And the Torches original…

Download Torches – VTOO mp3 (from NOW This Is What I Call The FOURTH e.d.i.l.s. recordings Free Compilation)

Download the whole compilation from here.

Crushed Beaks / Torches Split Single.

London bands Crushed Beaks and Torches have announced the release of a split download single featuring cover versions of each others songs. Torches’ version of Crushed Beaks’ Close-Ups is the first to be released, with Crushed Beaks’ version of Torches’ VTOO appearing online very soon.

However, appearing first with their lurching cover, Torches reweld the original’s upbeat urgency into something far more dark, brooding and synonymous with their own sound. Echoed accapellas prove to be the calm before an industrial storm of wrenched guitars, pounding drums and mesmerising drones of synthesisers twist the song’s once upbeat atmosphere into a wonderfully terrifying frenzy.

Download Torches – Close-Ups mp3 (from Crushed Beaks / Torches Split Single)

Here are a few more of the videos that we have been sent recently that have appealed to our eyes and ears.

First up is Monument Valley whom we posted about recently. This is the off kilter video for Round And Round together with a download for Dear John Letters from the forthcoming Tongues EP.

Download Monument Valley – Dear John Letters mp3 (from Tongues EP)

Next is Secret Music’s T.O.Y.S. with a video directed by TV Carnage, whose library of hundreds of hours of bad TV over the past 25 years has turned into an intriguing, humorous assortment of clips for the music video.

Download Secret Music – T.O.Y.S. mp3 (from T.O.Y.S. single)

Crystal Bright & The Silver Hands release their second album this month. This is Drowned Out from it.


Canadian band Said The Whale have a new video with a surprisingly accurate homage to Back To The Future. Check it out to see their interpretation of the classic Enchantment Under The Sea dance, which is also the video for their single Lines from their upcoming EP New Brighton.


Download Said The Whale – Lines mp3 (from New Brighton EP)

Based in Portland, Oregon, Keith and Hollie Kenniff are the husband-and-wife team behind the sublime dream pop of Mint Julep. Save Your Season – the debut UK album will be released on November 21st through the newly launched independent label Village Green. This is Why Don’t We.


This is the video for the Bell Beat’s lovely track Labrador from their album Our Manderley. Buy the album on a pay what you want deal from their Bandcamp page here.

Download The Bell Beat – Labrador mp3 (from Our Manderley)

This is the new and rather good video from Mister Heavenly for Bronx Sniper, taken from the band’s Sub Pop debut Out of Love.


Crushed Beaks shared love of horror films is evident as they continue the build up to their debut single release with a brand new video for lead track Close-Ups.


Okkkervil River have released another video to accompany the single Your Past Life As A Blast.

Download Okkervil River – Your Past Life As A Blast mp3 (from Your Past Life As A Blast 7″)

The lo-fi, dream pop of His Clancyness gets another outing on a new split 7″ with Shimmering Stars. Here is the video for Carve A Peach and a download of the Shimmering Stars contribution, Not Growing Up.

Download Shimmering Stars – Not Growing Up mp3 (from His Clancyness / Shimmering Stars split 7″)

And lastly, Glasgow band Kick To Kill’s excellent new single Black Kisses is out next Monday on Flowers In The Dustbin. Watch the video!