Crushed Beaks Cover Torches VTOO

Crushed Beaks Cover Torches VTOO. A couple of weeks ago we posted Torches cover of Crushed Beaks Close-Ups, now as part of the split single release Crushed Beaks are returning the favour with their cover of Torches VTOO.

This time the duo have replaced their usual full-on steam-hammer approach with slowly pounding drums and staccato guitar noise creating something akin to a sonic maelstrom – a post-apocalyptic bedlam if you will.


Download Crushed Beaks – VTOO mp3 (from Crushed Beaks / Torches Split Single)

Download Torches – Close-Ups mp3 (from Crushed Beaks / Torches Split Single)

And the Torches original…

Download Torches – VTOO mp3 (from NOW This Is What I Call The FOURTH e.d.i.l.s. recordings Free Compilation)

Download the whole compilation from here.

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