Introducing >>> Einar Lind

Introducing...Einar Lind. About a month ago we waxed lyrical about the remarkable debut album from melancholic Finnish songstress Mirel Wagner. Now we are delighted to be able to introduce another stunning Finnish discovery for you in the shape of Einar Lind.

His album Introducing Einar Lind! was recorded entirely in his bedroom in Helsinki and apparently was released in February (though we cannot find it on sale anywhere currently). It is an almost perfect companion piece for Ms Wagner’s offering being a collection of songs that in their own way also carry with them an almost palpable sense of inevitable foreboding and futility. This is a record that needs to be played as a whole; the nuances and mood need to be absorbed and digested fully. It is a record that needs to be felt as well as heard, and it makes for the perfect late-at-night soundtrack where you cannot sleep and settle in an armchair with a whiskey to wait out the darkness, while the house creaks and ticks amidst the silence around you.

Instrumentation is sparse, strings are plucked as much as played and and tones are hushed, sometimes whispered more than sung. The effect is extraordinary and creates a gothic overtone that envelops the listener in a spellbinding web of resolutely lo-fi melancholy. Wonderful.

Download Einar Lind – Brother Don’t Steal My Wife mp3 (from Introducing Einar Lind)

Download Einar Lind – I’m Not Afraid To Die mp3 (from Introducing Einar Lind)

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