Wednesday Means Six Of The Best

Another in our semi-regular round-up of the best tunes to hit our inbox and the web. First up is another track from Scott & Charlene’s Wedding’s imminent new album, Any Port In A Storm. This latest, the album closer Wild Heart has more of a classic American slacker-pop feel to it a la Pavement or Mission Of Burma, it is a laconically heartfelt tale of … Continue reading Wednesday Means Six Of The Best

Mad Mackerel’s Best of the Month: April 2013

Better late than never, here is our monthly round-up of the best of our April downloads together with a handful of brand new tracks. More than twenty songs especially prepared for you to put together an eclectic and appealing mix to impress all your friends and bore your boring work colleagues. Enjoy! Wild Wild Wets – Criminal Blue Tripped out, freaked out, psych pop. . Hey … Continue reading Mad Mackerel’s Best of the Month: April 2013

More Rounding Up To Be Done

We’re still rounding up all those new releases, new tunes, good tunes, and more to keep your day as varied and joyous as ours…Ha! And so we have another ‘cop-out” post prompted by another fearsome backlog, which has once again kickstarted our anxiety over (a) failing to keep up, and (b) failing to give the appropriate time and text that these releases deserve and (c) … Continue reading More Rounding Up To Be Done

Crushed Beaks Cover Torches VTOO

A couple of weeks ago we posted Torches cover of Crushed Beaks Close-Ups, now as part of the split single release Crushed Beaks are returning the favour with their cover of Torches VTOO. This time the duo have replaced their usual full-on steam-hammer approach with slowly pounding drums and staccato guitar noise creating something akin to a sonic maelstrom – a post-apocalyptic bedlam if you … Continue reading Crushed Beaks Cover Torches VTOO

Crushed Beaks / Torches Split Single

London bands Crushed Beaks and Torches have announced the release of a split download single featuring cover versions of each others songs. Torches’ version of Crushed Beaks’ Close-Ups is the first to be released, with Crushed Beaks’ version of Torches’ VTOO appearing online very soon. However, appearing first with their lurching cover, Torches reweld the original’s upbeat urgency into something far more dark, brooding and synonymous … Continue reading Crushed Beaks / Torches Split Single