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Another month, another mix. A collection of twenty or so of the best tunes we posted in April plus a couple of tasty new ones. Download, hit play, relax.

Download Ha Ha Tonka – Usual Suspects mp3 (from Death Of A Decade)

Soulful, catchy, country rock.

Download Sweet Lights – The Shortest Man On Earth mp3 (from Digital Single)

Beautifully judged excursion into the world of classic sunshine and psych rock.

Download Races – Big Broom mp3 (from Big Broom 7″)

Lush, brooding, with orchestral flourishes and a strong sense of melody.

Download Parlours – I Dream Of Chicago mp3 (from Parlours EP)

Indie / folk / pop of the very best kind.

Download Girlfriends – Cave Kids mp3 (from Cave Kids 7″)

Brilliant slab of psych infused, rumbling, garage rock.

Download Half Past Sun – Himalaya mp3 (from Trying To Reach Out EP)

Swirling, kaleidoscopic mix of psychedelia, indie rock and electronica with a naggingly insistent edge that burrows in through your ears and then settles in your brain.

Download Declan de Barra – Watch It Burn mp3 (from Fragments, Footprints & The Forgotten)

Sparse, haunting vocals, weary, deadpan and occasionally caustic lyrics, a genuine troubadour’s folk strum and a powerful sense of right and wrong.

Download The Antlers – Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out mp3 (from Burst Apart)

Eerie, mesmeric indie rock with spectral loops and electronics.

Download Sun Araw – December mp3 (from Houston Abstros 7″)

Cover of Teenage Fanclub’s December, bent and warped into a whole new blissed-out incarnation in the hands of the spaced out swamp cowboys.

Download Miss Shevaughn & Yuma Wray – Baby Blue mp3 (from Snake Oil Songs EP)

Standout from recent EP with a twangy, irrepressible, under-your-skin guitar lick.

Download Becca Stevens Band – My Girls mp3 (from Weightless)

Excellent smooth-as-velvet reinterpreting of Animal Collective.

Download The Great American Canyon Band – A Song For The Rest mp3 (from Wild Heart EP)

Folky and ambient with a bit of dream pop and rock and roll.

Download The Graceful Slicks – Bul Bul Tarang mp3 (Demo)

While heavy on the psych and drone there are pleasing surf twangs and some shoegaze to keep everyone happy.

Download Gardens – Maze Time mp3 (from Gardens)

A bluesy feel and swirling chorus line, with traces of early 70s punk attitude and even a soupçon of Motown style sweetness as well.

Download Zachary Cale – Hello Oblivion mp3 (from Noise Of Welcome)

Reflective, poignant and emotive, a true troubadour’s tale.

Download The Ganglians – Jungle mp3 (from Still Living)

Slice of dark claustrophobic psych rock.

Download Other Lives – For 12 mp3 (from Tamer Animals)

Galloping rhythms and Morricone-esque guitar conjures a feeling of uneasy expansiveness.

Download The Keys – The Colour Red mp3 (from Bitten By Wolves)

60s inspired psych rock and crunchy guitars with some more modern style jangle pop and some tasty reverb.

Download My Goodness – C’mon Doll mp3 (from My Goodness)

Reverb, greasy blues riffs, distortion, impassioned lyrics and attitude.

Download Okkervil River – Wake And Be Fine mp3 (from I Am Very Far)

Typically sinewy in composition but at its heart lays something bruised and fragile.

Download The Dark Mean – Happy Banjo mp3 (from The Dark Mean)

Contagious indie folk.

And to round things off we have the first track from An Horse’s forthcoming album Walls titled Trains And Tracks, some brilliant garage punk from Mexico in the shape of Le Butcherettes and the brilliantly intense and menacing Ashley’s Song by Des Ark.

Download An Horse – Trains And Tracks mp3 (from Walls)

Download Le Butcherettes – I’m Getting Sick Of You mp3 (from Sin, Sin, Sin)

Download Des Ark – Ashley’s Song mp3 (from Don’t Rock The Boat, Sink The Fucker)

Declan de Barra has been around for a while and Fragments, Footprints & the Forgotten is his third full length under his own name, but the first we have discovered.

And what a discovery it is – the album has been getting repeated plays here at MM containing as it does, all the ingredients we like to make a great record. Sparse, haunting vocals, weary, deadpan and occasionally caustic lyrics, a genuine troubadour’s folk strum and a powerful sense of right and wrong.

His website tells it better than we can:

I was born in Bonmahon, Waterford, Ireland with a club foot. I lived in a caravan for the first few years and then a bus. Then they fixed my foot and I used it to kick people who tried to kill me while I worked as a bouncer to feed myself as a musician.

I have degrees in fine art, electronic design and multimedia (still don’t know what that is).

My first real crush was Nichelle Nichols aka Lt. Uhura from Star Trek.

My motto for life is Fuck the Begrudgers.

My favourite colour is “blood of racist”.

My favourite number is 5.

When not writing music, or dealing with the insane world of writing for a living, I can be found out the back of a surf break singing Bad Brains songs at the top of my voice and winking at other surfers. That way they think I am insane and I have the waves to myself. Works in queues too.

It (the album) was recorded in the same room in Dublin as the last two albums. My landlady couldn’t be fucked to fix my shower so I inherited a spare room with a shower and lots of space to record and drive the neighbours upstairs demented.

I did everything on this record apart from mastering. Written, played, recorded, mixed and artwork created by me. D I Y, or more accurately, D I Y B Y B (do it yourself because you’re broke). I had no guests because I couldn’t afford any and felt bad asking the same good people to step up again. This worked out for me in the end. It forced me to use my voice for sections where I heard strings. And forced me to push it out a little with what instruments I had in order to have a wee bit of sauce to go with the meat and potatoes.

It’s different. I am glad. Life is too short to live it on repeat.

The artwork is based on old photos I had seen of immigrants to the States around 1916. I often use photos to feed ideas for songs, painting and scenes in scripts. It all seemed to make sense as the Irish economy tanked and started to choke on the fat of bankers. Once more young Irish men and women were leaving. I was leaving. I am in fact, typing this from Los Angles where I now live. When I listened back to the songs, Black Crow Call and A Storín etc. it all made sense. So the artwork is a narrative of an immigrant arriving in a strange country and it not going so well.

In ways we are reminded of another MM fave, Wooden Wand for the uncompromising attitude and integrity that shines through together with a sometimes painful self-awareness that is expressed brilliantly through the music. What a duet they would make…

The album is highly recommended! You can order from his Bandcamp page here where 25% of what you pay to download this album will go to Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders.

You can visit his website here.

Download Declan de Barra – Watch It Burn mp3 (from Fragments, Footprints & The Forgotten)