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Mad Mackerel's Best Of The Month: March 2013

Here are the very best of our downloads from March’s posts together with a few new tunes for your listening pleasure. So close to 30 tracks in all – a perfect playlist to kick off April.

Quite Parade – Edge of the Ocean
A perfectly judged slice of Canadian indie rock, it is an anthem about a dying town that seems hopeless but is still worth fighting for.


Conner Youngblood – Vegas
Kicks off with some ominous ringing guitar over which vocals echo and swirl before slow but hypnotic percussion cuts in and the song gradually increases in intensity before finally fading away like a firework over a night sky.


Download Colleen Green – Heavy Shit mp3 (from Sock it to Me)
Perfectly judged pop-punk.

Blank Realm – Go Easy
Takes 90s slacker indie and buries it in a heady swirl of scuzzy guitars and stoned vocals.

(Click through to download for free)


Download Pairs – Part Songs mp3 (from If This Cockroach Doesn’t Die, I Will)
Clocks in at just over 2 minutes of buzzsaw guitars, machine gun percussion and lyrics about dead shipmates, date-rape and all manner of other sordid topics.

Beams – Be My Brother
Lush instrumentation and lovely vocal harmonies hide the fact that lyrically something altogether more discomforting and baleful lies beneath the surface.


Wooden Wand – Dungeon Of Irons
Yet another stand out track from an outstanding album.


The Burning Hell – Grown-ups
Deep, baritone vocals reveal a caustic, almost savage, black humour and brilliantly observed comments on the minutiae of life that can make you squirm with embarrassed recognition.


Thirty Pounds Of Bone – Home Faring
Possessed of a singular and unique vision, where distraction, desolation, and despair are constant companions and distortion and drone are artfully used to heighten emotions and force the listener to really partake of what is going on.

(Click through to download for free)


Lower Plenty – Nullarbor
A perfectly judged track of hazy countrified melancholia.


Monuments & Statues – Red Dress
Beautifully anchored by banjo with animated cello and vocals alternately assuming lead status.


The Thermals – Born To Kill
Dark, brash, and violent.


Download Kurt Vile – Never Run Away mp3 (from Wakin On A Pretty Daze)
Another hazy, woozy taste from forthcoming album.

Download Dirty Fences – Heaven Is Tonight mp3 (from Too High To Kross)
Razor sharp riffs and perfectly executed harmonies.

God Tiny – Fearless
Oozes primal garage rock and psych-blues creds in a way that is impossible to resist.


Broken Anchor – Never Leave Me Alone
Infectious, catchy, anthemic indie rock.


Download Owl Fly South – Blink (Incandescent Days) mp3 (from Blink/Castle)
More than promising garage/psych/pop.

Steady Sun – Eyes Wide
A lovely blend of gentle psychedelia and pastoral folk.


Blood Sister – Bart Simpson
Noisy trash-pop.


Upside Drown – Go
Naggingly catchy garage pop.


Pure X – Someone Else
Synths, guitars and tortured vocals make a compelling package.


Virginia Wing – Red Sails
Their sound veers from the minimalist post punk of Young Marble Giants, to the twisted 60s psych bliss of Arthur Lee and Love and the cinematic krautpop of Broadcast.


Hawk And Dove – Things We Lost So Far
Acoustic country with a classical influence make for a unique take on Americana.


And to finish we have new tracks from The Scanners, the jaunty indie strum of Mexico comes from their new self-titled EP, while the brilliant and haunting Bullet From A Broken Heart by Dillon Hodges is Americana at its absolute finest and is taken from forthcoming album Rumspringa. Our third new track Wait comes from Graham MacRae’s new album Dundrearies, a perfectly judged downtempo contemplation of loneliness, disappointment, and how to live well. Lastly we have the high octane indie-folk of Killing Fields Of Ontario and the riotous, gypsy-tinged tale of disaster that is Twisted Little Theatre, which comes from new album How The World Ends.

New Album From Dirty Fences

We missed Dirty Fences at SXSW and we’re kicking ourselves…

The band refer to themselves as a gang and that mentality is evident in every razor sharp riff and perfectly executed harmony on Too High To Kross, an album that evokes early American rock and punk acts such as Red Kross, MC5, Johnny Thunders, The Ramones and The Stooges.

However those names are just reference points because what Dirty Fences is doing is truly there own, and moreover it’s rambunctious, melodic, fun and dangerous…

Download Dirty Fences – Heaven Is Tonight mp3 (from Too High To Kross)

Mad Mackerel's Best of April 2012 - Free Mix. So we exit April, which true to form turned out to be wetter than a Mackerel’s handshake. No matter, banish the blues with this scorching mix of some of the best downloads we offered in the month, plus a few new ones to get to know and love too.

Download Alexander TuckerWindow Sill mp3 (from Third Mouth)
Minimalist string arrangements with electronic manipulations and drones to produce a doom chamber-pop song.

Download Amanda Jo WilliamsThe Bear Eats Me mp3 (from The Bear Eats Me)
Dusty jukebox rock that will wake the kids in the middle of the night for a boot-stomping, moon-invoking dance party on the back porch.

Download Kyle AdemBrother Follow mp3 (from Armour)
A tireless storyteller with a whole lot of questions who marries his own blend of orchestral and reflective folk, with a punk edginess.

Download Johnny Bertram & The Golden BicyclesMistake mp3 (from Neon City)
Robust, but still melodic indie rock with some folky undertones.

Download Dubious RangerThe New Eve mp3 (from Found Recordings From The Panda Valley Mining Company c.1931)
Sounding like a blend of Tom Waits and Beck, this is a peculiar brand of art-rock that defies definition.

Download Mathew Sawyer – Children In The City
One of the very best singer-songwriters around. Wonderfully skewed view of the world, obstinate refusal to conform, and exceptional wordplay.


Download The Flaming LipsGod Only Knows mp3 (from Pet Sounds Revisited)
Indie rock surrealists take on the Beach Boys.

Download Black CreekNot For The Faint Of Heart mp3 (from Not For The Faint Of Heart digital single)
Another muscular example of their ragged, raw take on Americana, a sound they describe as “riffs and revelations”.

Download Coke Weed – Jimmy
Chugs gently along, all woozy charm and gentle folky psychedelia behind which the occasional acerbic lyric hides in wait.


Download Hiss Golden MessengerJesus Shot Me In The Head mp3 (from Poor Moon)
Classic back-porch folk and country with echoes of gospel and blues, which is often accompanied by warm organic sound effects such as cicadas or the patter of rain.

Download Old BricksAnthem mp3 (from City Lights)
Earnest and pensive folk.

Download Wooden WandWither Away (demo version) mp3 (from Briarwood Deluxe Edition)
Gorgeous demo version of Briarwood album standout.

Download Diamond RugsCountry Mile mp3 (from Diamond Rugs)
Loose countrified rock from new indie ‘supergroup’.

Download Tiger HighDon’t Want To See You Till You Go mp3 (from Myth Is This)
Excellent garage-psych.

Download Damon Moon & The Whispering DriftersRestless Roads End mp3 (from Lungs, Dirt & Dreams)
Muscular Americana, a song that slowly stretches, flexes and simmers over five minutes while the band keep expertly keep a lid on the instrumentation and don’t allow it to escape its restraints completely.

Download MV & EEToo Far To See mp3 (from Space Homestead)
Off-kilter Americana. Plaintive, almost elegiac and builds up to some guitar histrionics than recall Neil Young in a most pleasing way.

Download The Fresh & OnlysDo What I Came To Do mp3 (from Stash Rituals)
High octane garage punk, thump and clatter.

Download The Plastic Pals – Leave It Til Tomorrow (from Leave it ‘Til Tomorrow Digital Single)
This is heroin disco chic in the style of the Velvet Underground and Berlin-era Bowie.


Download Young HinesCan’t Explode mp3 (from Give Me My Change)
Confrontational and trigger-happy punkish blues.

And no fewer than five new tracks to try out. We have the raw, early 70s punk vibe of The Dirty Fences, a brilliant track of chugging psych-rock from The Lead Stones (another discovery via Rollo & Grady), the uniquely catchy indie rock of The Wave Pictures, a visceral slab of slowed down garage rock from the Ty Segall Band and to finish a sweetly charming slice of Americana from Cowgill with its quiet, upbeat guitar and gorgeous violin.

Download The Dirty Fences – Sid mp3 (from Dirty Fences)

Download The Lead Stones – Heaven mp3 (from Heaven Digital Single)

Download The Wave Pictures –Stay Here And Take Care Of The Chickens mp3 (from Long Black Cars)

Download Ty Segall Band – Wave Goodbye mp3 (from Slaughterhouse)

Download Cowgill – Extra Gravity mp3 (from Side One Of Planted)