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  1. Slaves – Chokehold
  2. Sleaford Mods – Stick In A Five And Go
  3. Spiritualized – Here It Comes (The Road) Let’s Go
  4. Interpol – Number 10
  5. All The Witches – Fishbelly 86 Onions
  6. Mutual Benefit – Come To Pass
  7. Ron Gallo – It’s All Gonna Be OK
  8. Dirty Lungs – Dumps Like A Truck
  9. Maxband – Means To An End
  10. Muncie Girls – Locked Up












Back in March we gave you a taste of The Dirty Lungs and their swaggering take on dirty garage infused blues rock. They have returned with a new single – the uncompromisingly titled Don’t Fucking Remind Me.

Push the volume up to max and have a listen!


Don’t forget these either…

Download The Dirty Lungs – New York City mp3 (from Deregulate Your Heart EP)

Download The Dirty Lungs – Want It? mp3 (from Robins)

In the States? Catch them live on their Beast Coast Tour.

June 1  Star Bar  Atlanta, GA

June 2  Tin Roof  Charleston, SC

June 3  Nightlight  Chapel Hill, NC

June 4  Strange Matter  Richmond, VA

June 5  The Annex  Baltimore, MD

June 6  Cake Shop  New York, NY

June 7  The Church  Boston, MA

June 8  Union Hall  New York, NY

June 9  Danger Danger Gallery  Philadelphia, PA

June 10  Comet Ping Pong  Washington D.C.

June 11  Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar  Charlottesville, VA

June 12  Snug Harbor  Charlotte, NC

June 13  Caledonia Lounge  Athens, GA

Ahh, now there’s a proper band name. You can probably guess what you’re going to get when The Dirty Lungs explode out of your speakers and you’d be right – a slinky hipped rambunctiousness and a sly wink to the garage greats of yesteryear, all wrapped up in some down ‘n’ dirty southern blues rock.

In June they’re releasing a new 7″ alongside a video, and doing a two week string of dates to promote both ventures along the east coast. Until then you can visit their Bandcamp page to pick up previous songs and their most recent EP, Deregulate Your Heart, all on a ‘pay what you want’ basis.

Why not put some swagger and a bit of lip curling attitude in your day.

Download The Dirty Lungs – New York City mp3 (from Deregulate Your Heart EP)

Download The Dirty Lungs – Want It? mp3 (from Robins)