Videos of the Day: Obliterations || Soft Metals || The Dirty Nil || The Bright Ones || Yes I’m Leaving

Videos to give a sonic kickstart to your day come from Obliterations, Soft Metals, The Dirty Nil, The Bright Ones and Yes I’m Leaving. Play these babies loud. . . . . . . Continue reading Videos of the Day: Obliterations || Soft Metals || The Dirty Nil || The Bright Ones || Yes I’m Leaving

The Dirty Nil’s Free Covers EP

There is no band out there that writes a better covering e-mail than The Dirty Nil. Each time we’ve posted about them on MM we’ve just nicked the words they’ve sent us because, well because they are so spot on. They now have a new Summer Mixtape out, Volume Two is all covers featuring songs by The Misfits, Iggy Pop, Guided By Voices, and Merle Haggard, … Continue reading The Dirty Nil’s Free Covers EP

New Dirty Nil Single

The Dirty Nil are back! This time it’s a split vinyl with their friends Northern Primitive released by Indoor Shoes. They sent some basic participation instructions: “Listen to Zombie Eyed at a motherfucking loud volume.” We suggest you do as they say… It is free for one month via their Bandcamp page or better still go there and order the vinyl. a a Continue reading New Dirty Nil Single

MM Shorts 267: The Dirty Nil

Little Metal baby Fist is the latest single from The Dirty Nil. Available for a pay what you want deal on their Bandcamp. By way of explanation, The Dirty Nil recording experience is dependent on beer, blood, broken bones, broken instruments, broken ears, inescapable loudness, screaming, unresolved girl problems, exposed wiring, no pants, no shoes, making their producer drink more than he wants to, a … Continue reading MM Shorts 267: The Dirty Nil

Introducing…The Dirty Nil

The Dirty Nil just released their first 7” vinyl single called Fuckin’ Up Young. They are a band that tells us they like: fuzz, pizza, vinyl, bad habits, beer, power chords, stompin’ tom, feedback, fuzz, anything with big knobs and blinking lights, dogs, coffee, haters, beer, fuzz bass, not remembering the night before, Quentin Tarantino, tube amps, waffles, analog, swearing, distorted anything, Willie Nelson, bacon, soda … Continue reading Introducing…The Dirty Nil