The Dirty Nil’s Free Covers EP

The Dirty Nil - Free Covers EP

There is no band out there that writes a better covering e-mail than The Dirty Nil. Each time we’ve posted about them on MM we’ve just nicked the words they’ve sent us because, well because they are so spot on.

They now have a new Summer Mixtape out, Volume Two is all covers featuring songs by The Misfits, Iggy Pop, Guided By Voices, and Merle Haggard, which is a pretty good selection in our book. It is completely free to download too.

So not wanting to break with tradition, here is what they say about it,

The Dirty Nil deserve to die because we’re too drunk, we’re out of catchy nicknames for Kyle, nobody wants to hear our experimental prog phase, too beautiful to live, Luke wore the same shirt for two years straight, we’re basically just a wedding cover band now, we hate everybody, because we slept with your sister, the Replacements are back together so nobody needs another band of drunk assholes, blood sacrifice, and so no one ever sees Dave without his mustache.

Listen to “Summer Mix-Tape Vol. 2: Covers” at a motherfucking loud volume. Free until the summer ends. Then it goes away forever!”

Perfect. As usual, we couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Download it from their Bandcamp here. Watch their new video for Zombie Eyed here and have a listen to a whole new take on Merle’s Mama Tried.



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