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Introducing…Duchess Leo

Posted: December 30, 2010 in Electronic, Indie, Music, Rock

New York’s Duchess Leo is Dan Ryan and Todd Buchler. The duo have been friends for most of their lives, having grown up a few blocks away from each other in the suburbs of New Jersey.

The songs on their debut album Golden Gray roll in melancholy and shimmer with triumph. From majestic strings to tribal rhythms and from piano led ballads to driving acoustic tunes, the music builds into a release of guitars, voice and drums and confidently shows off the band’s penchant for creating visual and cinematic music.

At heart, Duchess Leo is a duo comprised of an electronic music producer and a singer/songwriter. Golden Gray expands that sonic pallet to include more players while focusing on the songs, and the result is a confident, elegant record.

Golden Gray is released on Whale Heart Records on the 25th January.

Visit their MySpace here.

Download Duchess Leo – Bloom mp3 (from Golden Gray)