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This week we have collected no less than ten new releases for your listening pleasure. Every one a winner!

1. Ausmuteants – Echo Beach (Martha & The Muffins cover)
2. Bueno – Assed Out
3. Day Wave – Drag
4. The Foetals – Fine
5. Nathaniel Rateliff – S.O.B.
6. The Lighthouse And The Whaler – I Want To Feel Alive
7. The Creeping Ivies – The Witch House
8. Destruction Unit – If Death Ever Slept
9. Joan Shelley – Stay On My Shore
10. Ducktails – Surreal Exposure












1. Sharon Van Etten – Just Like Blood
2. Kid Wave – Best Friend
3. Ducktails – Headbanging In The Mirror
4. Giant Sand – Transponder
5. Moses Sumney – Seeds
6. Jason Isbell – 24 Frames
7. Kenny Knight – America







Mad Mackerel's Best Of The Month - August 2011. Our usual round up of the very best of our August posts and some new tracks too. Dip in – every one a winner as they say.

Download The Cabin Dogs – High Falls mp3 (from Midnight Trail)

Invites you to kick off your boots, pour a stiff one and sit on the porch to watch the sun go down – a song for when you’re busy doing nothing as they say.

Download Spectrals – Big Baby mp3 (from Big Baby 7″)

Spritely and upbeat that melds 60s girl group fizz with Elvis Costello in an entirely good way.

Download Waters – O Holy Break Of Day mp3 (from Out In The Light)

Delicate and almost hymn-like indie rock with a sparse, raw feel.

Download Male Bonding – Tame The Sun mp3 (from Endless Now)

Excellent slice of punky power pop.

Download Forest Fire – Future Shadows mp3 (from Staring At The X)

First taster from specialists in weirded out country folk and blues doesn’t disappoint.

Download The Coasts – Handshakers mp3 (from The Coasts)

Quirky anthem that’s equal parts gritty rockabilly and punching pop.

Download Peggy Sue – Cut My Teeth mp3 (from Acrobats)

A six minute, slow brooding burn with a heavier, more viscous feel than previously.

Download Howling Owls featuring WoolfCubb – Spirits To Lift My Spirits mp3 (from Purple On Purple EP)

MM faves return with slightly more upbeat track. And we stress the slightly…

Download Blitzen Trapper – Love The Way You Walk Away mp3 (from American Goldwing)

Another top-notch slice of loose, countrified rock.

Download Beirut – The Rip Tide mp3 (from The Rip Tide)

Superb title track from new album.

Download Ganglians – Drop The Act mp3 (from Still Living)

Smoother than usual garage-psych.

Download Little Gold – Sisters & Friends mp3 (from Weird Freedom)

Easy-breezy basslines, washed-out harmonies, and powerfully mellow drumming.

Download Amen Dunes – Bedroom Drum mp3 (from Through Donkey Jaw)

Another taste of the ominous, malevolent, unique folk stylings from new album.

Download The Ettes – The Pendulum mp3 (from Wicked Will)

Beat-punk and garage sleaze with a healthy dose back porch blues swagger and fuzzed up reverb.

Download Sick Figures – Graveyard Swagger mp3 (from Two Ghosts)

Raucous, saloonish type of rock and roll evoking a dark, eerie mood.

Download The Witch And The Robot – Houdini mp3 (from Fear Of Mountains)

Wonderful blend of peculiarly British pysch-pop and acid folk accompanied by appropriately surreal lyrics.

Download Deer Tick – Miss K. mp3 (from Divine Providence)

Classic slice of bluesy, bar-room Americana from forthcoming album.

Download Ducktails – Sit Around With Ya mp3 (from Killin The Vibe 12″)

Immerse yourself in a mellow hypnotic haze.

Download Luke Temple – Ophelia mp3 (from Don’t Act Like You Don’t Care)

Chugging twang, upbeat and cajun tinged.

Download The Fresh & Onlys – I Would Not Know The Devil mp3 (from I Would Not Know The Devil 7″)

A crackerjack of garage rumble, surf harmonies and guitar jangle.

Download Colossal Gospel – I Have A Heart, I Have A Heart mp3 (from Circles)

Sublime nine minutes of fragile folk beauty that reminded us of Lambchop at their best.

Download Guadalupe Plata – Pollo Podrio mp3 (from Guadalupe Plata)

Think of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion duelling with The Dirtbombs in the Castilla La Mancha…and, er, you’ll not even be close.

Download Beak> – Welcome To The Machine mp3 (from Wish You Were Here Again)

Rigid, pulsating version of Pink Floyd classic.

Download Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt – The Town Crazies mp3 (from Tweaker In The Park)

Personal, whimsical sometimes, slyly sinister at others, lyrically sharp lo-fi folk.

Download Woodsman – In Circles mp3 (from Mystic Places EP)

Swirling, spacey guitars, reverb washes, tribal drum patterns, vocal delays and ominous repetition mix into a mesmerising, pulsating whole.

Download The Barr Brothers – Beggar In The Morning mp3 (from The Barr Brothers)

Folky, harmony filled and gorgeous.

Download Blessed Feathers – Stinging Nettle, Honeysuckle mp3 (from From The Mouths Of The Middle Class)

A bitterly beautiful reminder of winter’s immediacy in the Midwest.

Download Something Men – Birdy Roof mp3 (from Something Men 7″)

Effortlessly channeling early Velvets rumble and the simple, but effective chord sequences of the Kingsmen into a classic garage sound.

Download Wavves – I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl mp3 (from Life Sux EP)

More lo-fi, slacker punk goodness.

And to finish off we have new tracks for you too – a chaotic, hook ridden pop gem from Oberhofer, an unsettling six minutes of astral pop from Atlas Sound, attractive indie jangle from Sweden’s Youngfuck, and the infectious pulsing rhythms and quirky imagery of Big Tree.

Download Atlas Sound – Terra Incognita mp3 (from Parallax)

Download Oberhofer – Gotta Go mp3 (from Gotta Go)

Download Youngfuck – Black Tulips mp3 (from Youngfuck 7″)

Download Big Tree – This Fall mp3 (from This New Year)

Mad Mackerel's Regular Round-up. The tunes are coming thick and fast again at the moment and keeping up is proving almost impossible. Here are a few of the tracks from the web and our inbox that have caught our ears over the past few days.

First up Okkervil River who are riding high on the critical acclaim for the release of their latest full-length album I Am Very Far. Just this month the band released a new 7-inch for Your Past Life As A Blast. You can listen and download the lead single below.

Download Okkervil River – Your Past Life As A Blast mp3 (from Your Past Life As A Blast 7″)

Dublin’s We Cut Corners have released the first single from their forthcoming debut EP Today I Realised I Could Go Home Backwards. The track is called Go Easy and sonically, the duo exist somewhere between Burt Bacharach and Death From Above 1979. Recommended.

Download We Cut Corners – Go Easy mp3 (from Today I Realised I Could Go Home Backwards)

The Fresh & Onlys will release a new 7″ single on Sexbeat early next month and it is, to our mind, one of the best things they’ve done to date. A crackerjack of garage rumble, surf harmonies and guitar jangle.

Download The Fresh & Onlys – I Would Not Know The Devil mp3 (from I Would Not Know The Devil 7″)

Denton, Texas psychedelic-pop band, Sundress celebrated the release of their self-titled EP yesterday. We’ve already posted the excellent Derelict from the EP, but the band have made a second track, Thirteen available for free download. Spoil yourself.

Download Sundress – Thirteen mp3 (from Sundress EP)

Download Sundress- Derelict mp3 (from Sundress EP)

Piney Gir has long been known as the indie Dolly Parton. But her new album Jesus Wept is more Emmylou Harris in her Gram Parsons days… in fact, it sounds like it was twisted through the eyes of a local drunk at the truck stop honky tonk. It’s fun, but it’s dark and you don’t know if you should like it so much but you do, so have another whiskey.

Download The Piney Gir Country Roadshow – Lucky Me mp3 (from Jesus Wept)

Download The Piney Gir Country Roadshow – The Sheriff Of San Miguel mp3 (from Jesus Wept)

Wise Blood’s new EP These Wings gets a release at the end of the month and we’re quite taken with this track, Nosferatu, with its chiming guitar submerged under some swirling electronics, which for once, doesn’t give bedroom pop a bad name.

Download Wise Blood – Nosferatu mp3 (from These Wings EP)

Luke Temple is the frontman of Here We Go Magic and is releasing his third solo album early next month on Western Vinyl. The chugging twang of the upbeat and cajun tinged Ophelia is a really promising taster for the album proper.

Download Luke Temple – Ophelia mp3 (from Don’t Act Like You Don’t Care)

Chad VanGaalen’s recent album, the badly named Diaper Island has some standout tracks on it, and the sturdy Peace On The Rise is one of them. This is the second track he has made available for free and is a keeper.

Download Chad VanGaalen – Peace On The Rise mp3 (from Diaper Island)

Download Chad VanGaalen – Sara mp3 (from Diaper Island)

The Breedings are a brother and sister duo based out of Nashville, TN – home of their debut album, Laughing at Luck. Brought together in the studio by their love of ‘70s country music, the pair have emerged with a surprisingly rock’n’roll album. Theirs is a hard-hitting sound, bringing to mind Fleetwood Mac, Linda Ronstadt and a touch of Tom Petty.

Download The Breedings – Come Summer mp3 (from Laughing At Luck)

On a more experimental slant, both Julian Lynch and Ducktails have made tracks available for free. Try Lynch’s short, sci-fi sounding Dream Of A Thousand Nights and the rather more mellow hypnotic haze of Ducktails Sit Around With Ya.

Download Julian Lynch – Dream Of A Thousand Nights mp3

Download Ducktails – Sit Around With Ya mp3 (from Killin The Vibe 12″)

Shitty/Awesome create a wonderfully noisy hairy cacophony – interested in little more than having fun, dancing like maniacs, and eventually passing out in the backyard! Metaphorically speaking, if garage rock is the champagne of bottled bands, then Shitty/Awesome is a bottle of model glue in the parking lot, and all the better for it. Hang Up is from their planned self-titled album coming from Guestroom Records and has guitars like angry wasps and vocals like someone’s being repeatedly stung. Corking stuff.

Download Shitty/Awesome – Hang Up mp3 (from Shitty/Awesome)

We’ve already given you one track from Bear & Moose, a duo steeped in blues, psychedelia, punk, folk, prog rock and garage.  New track Wear The Wolf begins floaty and hypnotic, but soon the peacefulness starts to give way to the chaos of face-melting electric guitar with analog delay, bone-filled rain stick kicks in and the percussion drives it all forward. The subject: lapsing into drinking to numb the pain of a broken relationship. The “wolf” is the out of control side that came out when drinking. Not unlike a werewolf, night and intoxication brought unpleasant transformation. Whether you’ve “worn the wolf” or not, this mercurial song will intoxicate you!

Download Bear & Moose – Wear The Wolf mp3 (from Bear/Moose)

Download Bear & Moose – I’m Back mp3 (from Bear/Moose)

Lastly we have Howlin Woods, a four piece from Santa Barbara who have made a set of demo recordings available for free download on their Bandcamp page here. They combine folky, soulful vocals with sinewy guitar and driving percussion and the hypnotic funk-folk of Boss has been getting repeated plays on the MM stereo.

Download Howlin Woods – Boss mp3 (from 2010 Demo Recordings)

We’re still trying (and failing) to do justice to all the good stuff, the new stuff, the different stuff and the plain mad stuff that comes into our inbox or through the mail.

So, with apologies to the bands involved, all of whom should really have had more than a couple of lines, here is another quick round-up for you covering everything from hardcore to psychedelia and from country rock to electronica and stopping off at pretty much every point in between.

First up is Chickenhawk, who, by name alone, sound like they should be a folk band, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Actually Scorpieau is the musical equivalent of removing your brain and forcing it through the office shredder. And that, we can assure you, is a very good thing indeed. It is the lead track from new album Modern Bodies out on 1st November.

Download Chickenhawk – Scorpieau mp3 (from Modern Bodies0

Next is Yellowbirds, being the moniker for the latest musical exploits of Sam Cohen – songwriter, guitarist and vocalist in the psychedelic collective Apollo Sunshine. Double-speed auto-harp glissandos, glowing backwards pedal-steel, bubbling echo and fuzz guitars coalesce into a warm wall of sound, delivered nonchalantly over psyched-out aural landscapes. The Color, a full length studio recording is due in early 2011.

Download Yellowbirds – The Rest Of My Life mp3 (from The Color)

Mississippi native, Camp Pine Cone is the final musical home for a guy calling himself Big Chief Awesome. He has played in many bands over the years, with genres ranging from gritty punk to full-on power pop indie, but now is pursuing a solo endeavour. With influences from Stereolab to Guided By Voices and a sound somewhere between Johnny Cash and Dinosaur Jr., check out The Reverse Midas Touch from his album Songs From Camp Pine Cone.

Download Camp Pine Cone – The Reverse Midas Touch mp3 (from Songs From Camp Pine Cone)

Michael Trent equals cohesive, folk rock, sloppy tonk, harmonized, loose but tight, streamlined audience killing machine. Or something like that. Lo-fi, backwoodsy blues and folk on his new album The Winner.

Download Michael Trent – Bad Luck mp3 (from The Winner)

Until now, Ducktails have never quite hit the spot for us, but that is changing with Hamilton Road, a sweet, totally rad jam as the hipster blogs might say…

Download Ducktails – Hamilton Road mp3 (from Hamilton Road 7″)

We’re also loving this cover of the National’s Anyone’s Ghost by Silver Swans. Icy synths and a gorgeous, breathy vocal remind us of the Chromatics wonderful take on I’m On Fire – which means it is that good! You can also pick up a free download of the band’s latest single Secrets from RcrdLbl here.

Download Silver Swans – Anyone’s Ghost mp3 (National Cover)

The Caretakers emerged from one of the original hubs of Canadian music scene – Hamilton, Ontario – although the trio could just as easily have stepped off the stage of Cafe Wha? in Greenwich Village circa 1964. With folk music at their roots and the cultural grit of a working-class-city upbringing, the band fuse rich Peter, Paul and Mary-style harmonies with REM-inspired melodies and swampy ’70s southern rock grooves. There is a free 3 track EP and an album to buy on their Bandcamp page here.

Download The Caretakers – It’s Thinking Time mp3 (from Unfinished Thoughts)

Via Slowcoustic comes Tasseomancy and their new 7″ Healthy Hands. Eerie, spooked, gothic folk just how we like it and just in time for Halloween. Recommended.

Download Tasseomancy – Healthy Hands mp3 (from Healthy Hands 7″)

By contrast Dumbo Gets Mad produce the kind of music you might expect from a band of that name, including possible song title of the year in Eclectic Prawn. Swirling, retro psychedelia, hammond organ, and filthy grooves that would turn Ariel Pink er…green This stuff needs a health warning. Outstanding.

Download Dumbo Gets Mad – Plumy Tale mp3

Download Dumbo Gets Mad – Eclectic Prawn mp3 (Bad Panda Records Free Digital Release)

Indie Folker’s Monsters In Rome album was produced in about 6 months in the underbelly of civilization, the heart of Transylvania. Genuine home-made indie folk in the tradition of anti-folk if you know what we mean. Either way, two songs well worth a listen and currently on repeat here at MM.

Download Indie Folker – Afraid Not Scared mp3 (from Monsters In Rome)

Download Indie Folker – Monsters In Rome mp3 (from Monsters In Rome)

And to finish, we have sophisticated electronic dreamers Home Video who create haunting, hypnotic electro-rock and have a new album due titled The Automatic Process out on November 16th. Not usually our thing, but this track is all richly textured melodies and driving beats, and pretty much irresistible.

Download Home Video – The Smoke mp3 (from The Automatic Process)